All the maps in PUBG New State

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on November 18th, 2021

It has been almost a week since PUBG New State came out globally and was downloaded 20 million times. So far, the game has received mixed to positive reviews with an above-average rating.

The futuristic sequel to PUBG is set in the year 2051 and has a more urban feel to it. Taking this theme forward, the game features drones, trams, electric cars, weapon customization kits, and much more.

Players were equally excited about the new battle royale and TDM maps. So here’s a quick rundown on all the maps in PUBG New State.

1. Troi

Let’s start with the newest map, Troi. Most of the PUBG New State trailers and teasers gave us a glimpse of this new 8km x 8km map. Unlike the PUBG Mobile maps, Troi has a bunch of urban locations, like the Mall.

Three locations on Troi have tram routes running around them. Without a doubt, the Mall, the Exhibit Hall, Factory, and the City Hall will be some of the hot drops.

2. Erangel 2051

Erangel 2051 is the newly remastered version of the classic map. All the locations from the original 8km x 8km map have been retained. However, the surroundings have been tweaked a little to suit the futuristic vibe of 2051.

3. Station

While promoting the game before the global launch, PUBG New State also teased the 4v4 TDMs. The brand new Station map looks perfect for some action-packed close-quarter combat.

If you love the close-packed multiplayer maps of Call of Duty, you are sure to love Station. As of now, the map is in beta, and the final version will soon be launched.

4. Training Grounds

Most of the training ground maps merely exist to test out your weapons and experiment with new loadouts. However, the PUBG New State training grounds let you try all the weapons and the new vehicles. This is a perfect opportunity to test some cool electric cars and two-wheelers.

As of now, PUBG New State has four maps - the two battle royale maps, a TDM map, and a training ground map. With time, new maps may be introduced to the game.

Until then, you can check out some other new features in PUBG New State!

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