PUBG New State rolled out across the globe on November 11th and has already crossed over 20 million downloads, so you can imagine the buzz!

Before the official release, the developers had teased some exciting new features. The official PUBG New State YouTube channel teased quite a few features in the field trips series.

With its futuristic theme and new maps, the PUBG sequel has hit the right spots. Let’s take a look at some cool new features.

5 Amazing new features in PUBG New State

1. Drones

Perhaps, the most exciting feature in PUBG New State is the Drone. Players can order items on the battlefield and get them delivered by drones. For this, you need Drone Credits, which can be found scattered across the maps and are easily obtainable.

Once you’ve gathered enough Drone Credits, you can hit the Drone Shop and order some items! The Drone delivery will then reach your chosen location.

2. Trams

The New State developers got especially creative with the transportation. The Troi map has three regions where a tram route runs. Players can climb into the trams and get off at another stop. These trams are bulletproof.

Apart from the trams, you’ll see a lot of new-age cars. New State features some sporty-looking electric cars and two-wheelers.

3. Recruitment System

Now, this is something new that PUBG New State has brought to battle royale. You can recruit a knocked-out player to your squad. The knocked-out player can either choose to quit the game or join your squad.

This recruitment system was teased before launch and it’ll be interesting to see what players think about it.

4. New Maps

In any case, Erangel will always be Erangel. Nothing can replace it. And this is why New State has added Erangel 2051 as one of its BR maps, a futuristic version of the original map.

The most-teased map was Troi. The map is a mix of an urban setting and some forest cover. Most of the action happens at the urban drops like the Mall and the Exhibit.

5. Weapon Customization

Players couldn’t really customise guns in the original PUBG. But this isn’t the case with PUBG New State. You can modify the base weapons with different attachments and dominate the lobby!

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