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Welcome to OutdoorMichigan LLC.
We are happy you are here, and wanting to learn more about our team, and what we do!

What do we sell?
Great question! We sell live plants such as Horsetail (Equisetum Hyemale), Mosses, Ground Covers, and Seedlings. We also sell colored Pampas Decor!

Why do we sell what we do?
Well, there are a few reasons! First of all, we are greenthumbs to the fullest, we spend most of our days outdoors, tending to our plants, and sometimes to friends plants, its just what we do! We love Michigan as it has so many beautiful plants to offer, and it makes a pretty good home, if I do say so myself.

We sell our pampas for event decor! Some people enjoy using pampas for weddings, bridal & baby showers, events, show cases, boquets, etc...

What makes us different from all the other nurseries?
We grow, process, and ship every one of our live items ourselves! We do not use a third party. We specialize in how to grow and maintain our plants to ensure they are thriving when and after you recieve them. We take pride in every one of our orders and we take our time with processing, we do not rush because we care more about the quality of our orders instead of the quanitity of orders. We believe in winter hardy plants that thrive in most zones! We typically do not sell zone specific plants, as we want to share the beauty with everyone nationally!

Who are we?
We are OutdoorMichigan LLC. We are a registered legal business, family owned and operated.

Meet our team of three!
Jai, David & Joey!
Jai - Founder & Co-owner of OutdoorMichigan LLC
Jai is an entreprenuer at heart, she never dreamed of the things most girls do. She dreamed of owning her own business and taking over the world! Not really, but owning a business will do. Jai is our administrative proffessional who handles most customer related questions, product listings, platform design and performance.

Fun Fact! She studdied at M.I.A.T - Technical College majoring in Logistics and Transportation....but that didn't really suit her. She didn't want to be behind the scenes, she wanted to be the one making the scenes, figuritevly anyway.

David - Co-owner of OutdoorMichigan LLC
David is one of the hardest and dedicated worker and family man you will ever meet! He eats, breathes, and lives OutdoorMichigan LLC. He always strives for excellence in our products, customer service, and making sure everything is running smoothly.

Fun Fact! David is an expert Welder, he achieved his degree at BlackWell Job corps and has been welding for 10 years!

Joe - The one and only, "Employee of the Month"
Joe is Davids younger brother. He has been the best addition to our team that we could have ever asked for! He, like his brother, is a dedicated hard worker, who strives in efficiency and perfection. He is eager to learn and help support OutdoorMichigan LLC's journey.

Fun Fact! Joe was the Running Back on his High School Varsity Football Team!

The OM Trio:

So with all of that being said, with Jai on the computers and David & Joe on the forefront, they know that they can achieve the unachievable.
Together we will rule the world! Again, just kidding. But really, this team of three has a can-do-attitude! Even with the hiccups and road bumps they have faced, they have stuck by and with one another, seeing everything through, together.

Where were we before Shopify?
We were well known on our Etsy platform OutdoorMichigan, but as it happens, we expanded! We needed more control of our website, and customer satisfaction and how our orders are handled, to do that, we needed our own platform, which brings us to the wonderful Shopify! Because we integrated to Shopify, Etsy closed our store. Why? I have no idea. But, it has defineintly been an opportunity for exponential growth on multiple platforms! We held a 4.8/5 Star rating on Etsy for 2 years which included 500+ Five star reviews!

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