By now you’ve no doubt heard of Riverman Media’s The Executive - at least certainly I hope you have. If not, or if you still haven’t decided on buying it yet, you can check out our review right here. With that out of the way, it’s time to talk business. Specifically the mining business. Well, that and the business of kicking werewolves in the throat.

Despite having a formidable set of moves you won’t actually be much of a fighter at first. Thankfully it’s nothing some practice (and a few prudent investments) can’t fix.

Setting up your economy

  • Mining comes first - You’ll no doubt be tempted to spend all of your money on skill upgrades but try to resist. By upgrading your mining first you’ll be able to earn cash a lot faster, even when you’re not playing.
  • Every little bit helps - The changes you’ll see when you first start expanding your mining operation are minimal, but they do make a difference. The incremental improvements add up to the point where you can start earning one dollar every second. And of course it can go much, much higher than that.
  • Spend it as soon as you get it - There’s no point in saving up for a specific mining upgrade when the difference between prices os so immense ($50K+ to $125K+ or more). Even the upgrades that seem insignificant will help, and with each one you buy you can earn more money even faster.

  • Check in often - You’ll earn money whether you’re playing or not, but there is a limit. If you don’t start up the game and do something (i.e. play a level, buy an upgrade, etc) you’ll stop earning cash after three days. So try to start it up at least once every couple of days to keep the money rolling in.
  • If you don’t like an upgrade, or just need cash in a pinch, sell it back. - Every single upgrade can be sold back for the exact same amount that you paid for it. This includes lower level upgrades that came before it. So if you really need the money, or if you decide you want to try a different approach, you can sell anything back with no loss whatsoever.

Wolf punching

  • Speed is essential - Improving your attack power and defense is great, but speed is by far the most important stat you can train. The faster you are, the more quickly you’ll be able to react to enemies’ attacks. In other words you can block faster, which is extremely important in later levels.
  • Invest in those special abilities - There are four special abilities you can activate once your special meter is full - Heal, Shield, Pierce, and Reflect. Each one is useful in a different situation and they’re all going to make your life easier. Try to learn all four as soon as you can.

  • Special attacks are also very useful - They aren’t necessarily game-changers, but the fancy attack moves you can learn are handy to have around. Attacks like the Flame Kick or Flame Sweep will set enemies on fire and do damage over time (in addition to the damage from the initial kick), and Silverstrikes particularly do lots of damage to wolf-like baddies.
  • Practice on the lowbies - The farther you go, the tougher things get. I mean really tough. By fighting lower-level enemies over again (especially if there are higher-level versions later on) makes for some great practice with learning their tells and attack patterns. It’s only going to get harder, so you might as well hone your skills, right?

  • Consult the Bestiary - You can access the Bestiary from the level select screen by tapping on the book icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and then choosing the appropriate option. Here you can read up on the various enemies you’ve encountered as well as some you might be one level away from seeing. If someone’s giving you trouble then read up; it might just give you the insight you need.
  • Badguys giving you trouble? Use Reflect! - If you find yourself up against a particularly nasty were-thing, activate your Reflect ability (which you should have researched by now) and just worry about blocking. If things are particularly dicy you can combine Reflect with Shield so that any kind of block counts as both high and low - then you can just turtle and wait them out. The more damage you block, the more damage they inflict on themselves.
  • Use short swipes - It’s a habit that’s difficult to break, but if you use broad swipes to try and trigger your special attacks they’re not going to work, more often than not. You need to use shorter, more abrupt swipes if you want to do that flaming kick or morph your fist into a silver spike.

  • Check the Skills menu if you need reminders - If you ever forget how to pull of a particular move, or if it’s giving you trouble, the Skill menu is where you want to be. You can use it to see what does what, and you can even practice your moves until they become reflexive.
  • Replay levels - I’ll admit that the completionist in me just isn’t comfortable with seeing the occasional “B” in my list of “A” ranks, but replaying levels serves more of a purpose than list uniformity and general practice. You’ll earn money every time you finish a level, and the bonus you receive at the end gets bigger and bigger the more you upgrade your business. So do it for the money, if not for the practice.
  • Don’t sweat the running - You’ll need to swipe to get around each levels’ auto-running segments but don’t let them worry you. Missing or reacting too late will reduce your score at the end, but it won’t result in a Game Over. In fact, you can still nab an “A” rank even with a couple of misses.
  • Beat every level - Duh, right? Well the thing is, you don't have to beat a level to access the one that comes after it. But you want to, because until you complete each one you won't be able to unlock the final stage in your current rank. And then you won't be able to access the next rank that adds even tougher enemies (and more money). So yeah, finish all of them. You don't have to get a great rank, but you do need to complete them.

The Executive

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2015-07-02 :: Category: Game


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