Mitoza is surreal adventure toy you can get for free

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 5th, 2021
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

The folks behind the Rusty Lake games have just put a new title onto the App Store. Second Maze, Rusty Lake's collaborative publishing brand, has just brought this 10 year old adventure game from Gal Mamalya to mobile. The best part about all of this is thatMitoza is completely free.

If you read through the App Store description of Mitoza, you'll see that it's described as a toy as opposed to a game, which I suppose is accurate. In it, you start with a seed and two prompts. When you choose one, something happens to the seed and you get a new set of two prompts. You do this process over and over until you reach an ending of sorts, which only takes a minute or two.

There's an ending for every possible combination of prompts and every journey goes down a bizarre path. There's a circular meat creature that transforms into a matryoshka doll, flies that perform Shakespeare, and all kinds of other weird stuff that I hesitate to mention because discovering these things is all part of the experience.

As you find more and more endings, Mitoza can get a little repetitive since all you're doing is repeating steps over and over, changing one variable at a time, but it's still a neat thing that I'm glad now exists on mobile. Definitely pick it up. You have practically nothing to lose considering the asking price!

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