Knights Chronicle guide - Everything you need to know about Guild Battles

Posted by Campbell Bird on August 14th, 2018
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The latest update to Knights Chronicle brought us some balance changes and interesting new characters, but perhaps the most interesting addition of all is the game’s new mode. Guild Battle allows teams of players to test their collective strength against others, but participating in it isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

Underneath the basic premise of “beat as many other players as possible,” Guild Battle actually has some nuanced mechanics to it that can make the difference between being a mere contributor to your guild and a guild hero. Check out our tips below:

Guild Battle 101

Before diving into tips, here’s a quick overview of Knights Chronicle Guild Battles. If you’re part of a guild, a guild leader can initiate a battle, which matches your guild against another. Once the match has been made, there’s a 20 minute time limit for players to size up their competition before the match begins.

Once the match begins, every member of a guild can participate in up to three fights. These fights are head-to-head fights with enemy guild members’ defense teams. Your goal is to have your guild collectively earn 60 stars from defeating teams within four hours. If you win, your team gets a ton of rewards. If not, the other team does.

Fighters need rest

The structure of Guild Battle makes it sound a lot like a slight twist on Arena Mode, but there’s a huge difference here that can really trip you up in your first battle. Instead of simply being able to use your best team of five heroes to take down all your enemies, you can only use heroes in one fight each.

Depending on the quality and depth of your Hero Box and the strength of your opponents, this might mean you need to break up your Arena dream team and spread them across three fights. Or, you might just have enough strength on your roster to pull out one quality win. In either case, you want to be securing victories while using your heroes wisely.

Swift victory is the best victory

In addition to simply beating enemy teams in Guild Battle, Knights Chronicle rates your performance at doing so. Each battle in Guild Battle is limited to five minutes, and the speed at which you take down the other team will affect the amount of stars you get from the match.

If you take a team down quickly, you’ll earn three stars, but if things take longer, you’ll earn only one or two. Every star helps your team win a Guild Battle, but three star wins help your guild reach victory faster.

The best defense? Actual defense

If you don’t have a super strong set of heroes for Guild Battle, you can still find a way to be valuable to your team. Although you might not be able to earn stars when attacking in these battles, building a team that’s really tanky and hard to kill can make your team a pain for the other team to earn stars on when they’re attacking.

Since players earn stars based on how quickly they kill your team, you can limit how many stars they can earn off of you by intentionally making a team that takes a long time to kill. Defense and support heroes, particularly ones with good sustain and revives, can help drag fights out so that even if you’re defeated, you’re not letting enemies earn three stars off of you.

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