PUBG New State boasts several new features, including new maps, vehicles, and weapon customization. But the game has kept some popular features from its predecessor, PUBG Mobile.

The Red Flare Gun in PUBG New State is borrowed from PUBG. If you have played PUBG Mobile or PUBG PC,you might be familiar with the Red Flare Gun. This gun is used to summon airdrops and get top-tier, fancy weapons from them.

Here’s how you can get the Red Flare Gun and use it in PUBG New State.
Getting the Red Flare Gun in PUBG New State

Compared to PUBG Mobile and PC, getting the Red Flare Gun is easier in New State. Here’s a step-by-step rundown on how to acquire it:

  • Collect Drone Credits. When you have gathered enough credits, go to the Drone Store
  • The Red Flare Gun costs 1950 Drone Credits. You can tap on the relevant option and add the gun to your cart
  • Next, place the order and choose a location on the map
  • A drone will deliver the package at the selected location

Now, all you have to do is head over to the spot and collect the gun. Enemies can loot this drone delivery too, so be cautious while collecting it.
PUBG New State: How to use the Red Flare Gun

Remember how you used the Red Flare Gun in PUBG? You have to use it in the same way in PUBG New State. For those who don’t know, here’s a brief guide:

  • Take out the gun and point it upwards
  • Fire it and wait for the magic to happen
  • An airdrop will soon be on its way. The familiar whirr of the plane will announce the airdrop
  • Chase the airdrop, wait for some enemies to show up, and loot the drop

That’s it! That’s how you obtain and use the Red Flare Gun in PUBG New State. You can also try the new Green Flare Gun and revive one of your dead teammates.

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