The futuristic sequel to the popular battle royale PUBG is out now. PUBG New State is set in the year 2051 and has a lot of new features. The drones and trams have managed to steal most of the spotlight while the new map Troi has been exciting players even before the release.

Exploring new maps with a squad is an exciting adventure. But when you’re the only one from your squad left behind, it’s daunting. This is where the Green Flare Gun comes to the rescue. You can revive one of your dead teammates with this new flare gun.

Where to find Green Flare Gun in PUBG New State?

You won’t find the Green Flare Gun in a particular location. Instead, you will have to collect Drone Credits and get it from the Drone Shop. Here’s a quick rundown on the process:

  • When you collect enough Drone Credits, go to the Drone Store
  • From the list of items, pick the Green Flare Gun
  • Press the ‘Order’ button
  • Pick a location for drone delivery
  • Your Green Flare Gun will be delivered to you at the selected location

Keep a lookout when you go to collect the drone drop. Other players can loot this drop or ambush you too. So always watch your back!

How to use the Green Flare Gun

The Green Flare Gun is used just like the Red Flare Gun. All you have to do is point the gun towards the sky and fire.

Your teammate has to be gone for at least 90 seconds for the Green Flare Gun to take effect. Your mate will drop through a revival flight and get back to you, so you don’t have to face the enemy alone.

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