Genshin Impact - Where to find that last Crimson Agate

Posted by Campbell Bird on December 30th, 2020
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Genshin Impact's Dragonspine event, The Chalk Prince and The Dragon, is well under way, giving players a ton of challenges to complete for some amazing rewards, including brand-new weapons, upgrade materials, and the ever-crucial Mora.

Many of the activities associated with this event simply unlock over time, but there are rewards related to the Frostbearing Tree (which needs to be fed Crimson Agate to level up, much like the Statues of the Seven scattered across the rest of Teyvat). From this tree, you can earn Fates, a new namecard, and more.

What's unique about the Frostbearing Tree though is that there aren't enough Crimson Agates in Dragonspine to level it up all the way. Only after gathering all of the Agate hidden in the region do you unlock the ability to earn more, which then allows you to max out the tree.

This guide isn't going to tell you where all of the Crimson Agate locations are across Dragonspine, as there are plenty of maps posted all over the place for that. But what many of these maps miss is where one specific Agate location is, and this one is key to unlocking the Ley Line challeges that allow you to bring the Frostbearing Tree to its max level.

This particular Crimson Agate is actually only accessible from Mondstadt on the southern edge of Dadaupa Gorge. As you can see on the map, there's a large-ish island that's actually part of the Dragonspine region south of that area, which is where this pesky Agate lives.

To further complicate things, this Agate is trapped in Ancient Rime, the special ice that can only be broken with Scarlet Quartz attacks. Fortunately, there's a Scarlet Quartz deposit on a lower ledge of this cliffside that you can break and collect before gliding over to the island or shooting the Rime from afar using a bow.

With this Agate collected, you should be able to follow any other map of Agate locations to collect the 80 needed to start earning more Agates to fully level the Frostbearing Tree.

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