The field trip to Australia continues in Reverse: 1999 as Phase 2 of Revival! The Uluru Games kicks off. You will be able to collect new characters, engage with new events, get hordes of free gifts, and follow the story of a mushroom-based researcher from the land of Melbourne.

In your continued journey you will run into Ezra, the aforementioned fungus fanatic, and be able to learn about him through his story event; As The Driven Snow Falls. He works hard in his lab at the Laplace headquarters and is always willing to help out anyone in needs, despite his aversion to battle.

If you want to put this six-star pacifist on the front line, you can thanks to The Spores of Peace banner. He is foremost a support character, however, his two skills involve injuring himself. His attack skill deas Mental and Genesis DMG to two enemies with an opportunity for both to crit and plants a Honey Fungus which after three turns inflicts Vulnerability on all enemies.

His second skill imparts a Shield to all allies, and plants Ghost Fungus, which again in three turns will buff your squad with a 40% Crit damage increase. Finally, his ultimate grants allies Moxie+1 and Eureka+1, plants the mac number of Honey Fungus, and then immediately triggers all mushroom effects. In short, he sounds insane if you have a healer to top up his self-damage.

You could also pick up the five-star Desert Flannel, whose ultimate heals and grants Power Burst to all allies, as well as Aura of Might to Beast Afflatus characters. She also comes with a self-counter that applies Plappy and Power Burst and an attack that comes with a 25% boost to both Critical Rate and DMG. Put this with Erza, and you have a powerful duo.

Logging in for seven days will grant you seven Unilogs, and the UTTU Flash Gathering Epic of Runners will give you a chance to get the Garment of Darley Clatter for free. There are also two new events full of prizes in the Blazing RPS Arena and Letter from the Attic, as well as the Anecdote Erick and Hypothesis of Exibiition all adding to the slew of content.

Reverse: 1999 is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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