Kairosoft has launched a new version of its classic business management sim Game Dev Story for iOS devices. It is available to play on either iPhone or iPad if you have an active Apple Arcade subscription.

This updated version of the game is called Game Dev Story+, and in it you’ll be tasked with creating bestselling video games using a highly specialised team of developers and managers to make that reality come true.

You build up your company from humble beginnings and can start developing these games to ensure it impresses both fans and critics alike. On top of that, you also need to look after your staff and ensure they’re able to work to their best performance without burning out.

Check out this trailer for Game Dev Story+. As you may be able to see, the game’s updated features include new content and expanded quality-of-life stuff that will make the experience much more enjoyable for modern gamers.

As part of the management process, it’s important to hire young developers and train them to become better at the job. As they improve, more game development options become available including new content and genres you can add to your video games.

This makes it an important endeavour to research industry trends and to combine genres and content that is popular at that moment to find success. This also includes trying to predict upcoming trends and take risks in order to break through in the market and be a trendsetter.

Game Dev Story+ is available now to download from the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade, meaning you can currently only play the game with an active subscription. Apple Arcade is the premium service for iOS that allows you to play hundreds of exclusive mobile games. You can read more about that from the official website.

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