COD Mobile: The 5 best SMGs in the game

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 17th, 2021

COD Mobile is often lauded for its vast array of weapons and elaborate customization. With every update, the guns get some kind of nerfs or buffs. Regardless of that, SMGs remain popular with players for close to mid-range combat.

SMGs, or Submachine Guns, are somewhat like Assault Rifles. Both are used in close-quarter combat but ARs have slightly better range than SMGs. Nonetheless, SMGs are great as a primary and a secondary weapon.

Top 5 SMGs in COD Mobile

1) QQ9

Many players would agree that the QQ9 is one of the best SMGs in COD Mobile. It’s one of the top-tier weapons with high mobility, decent accuracy, and a fast fire rate. The quick aim down sights also helps in finishing off the enemies quickly. To make the most of the gun, attach a muzzle and a foregrip.


The MSMC has seen many buffs and nerfs throughout the game's history. Regardless of the fluctuating stats, the MSMC is a powerful SMG. For close to mid-range combat, the MSMC is a great choice. It has high mobility and rate of fire, making it fit for quick action. Its range is okay, but the damage and accuracy are somewhat disappointing.

3) PP19 Bizon

The PP19 Bizon is a rather funny-looking SMG but don’t let that fool you. The PP19 Bizon has a high fire rate and offers more mobility and control. The accuracy and range are great too whilst the damage dealt is on par with other guns in the class.

4) Cordite

The Cordite closely resembles the PDW-57. However, their stats are totally different. The Cordite has a high rate of fire and impressive mobility. It also has a decent range. However, the damage and range are merely okay, making it unreliable for mid-range combat. You can use it in maps that have more CQC.

5) RUS-79U

Call of Duty Mobile players have mixed opinions about the RUS-79U. When compared to some other SMGs, the RUS-79U certainly deals a lot of damage with decent range and accuracy. The fire rate is more or less on par with other guns. The SMG has high mobility and offers good control.

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