Weapons and their elaborate customization are some of the top reasons that make COD Mobile a popular game. Call of Duty Mobile is loaded with weapons. There are Assault Rifles, Snipers, SMGs, LMGs, and every other imaginable weapon, can be found in COD Mobile.

Assault Rifles are relatively easy to use. They do not have a lot of recoil and are generally quite balanced. Typically, ARs are used for close to medium-range combat. However, some great ARs are also suitable for long-range gunfights.

Here are the top five Assault Rifles in COD Mobile based on their danger, range, rate of fire and other details.

COD Mobile: Top 5 Assault Rifles

1. ASM10

There are a lot of reasons why the ASM10 makes it to the top of the list. It is a balanced weapon with high damage, high accuracy, and decent range. With 34 damage and 72 accuracy, this weapon can dominate the battlefield. The range of 48 makes it particularly useful for medium-range fights.

2. Man-O-War

The Man-O-War has high damage of 37 and an accuracy of 67. This makes the Man-O-War one of the best ARs for medium and long-range fights. With a little practice, you can take down an enemy in three shots. It has a decent range of 56 which is a bit higher than the ASM10.

3. AK47

A lot of players prefer the AK47 due to its high mobility (which is 74). The gun has favourable attributes like 33 damage, 55 rate of fire, and 67 accuracy. It offers a decent range of 58. However, it's the sheer ease of use that makes it one of the best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile.

4. M16

The M16 is another favourite among beginners. The M16 deals 30 damage, a high accuracy of 81, and a good range of 62. This makes M16 a great choice for long-range fights. The M16 is also quite easy to use. However, its fire rate is somewhat mediocre at 48.

5. AK117

The AK117 is a popular gun with beginners as it can be unlocked early on in the game. With 62 accuracy and a high fire rate of 77, the AK117 has favorable stats. Even with a high fire rate, AK117 is simple to control with minimal recoil. However, with a range of 45, it doesn’t perform well in long-range combat.

Each gun has its own perks and shortcomings. But it all comes down to the attachments and your shooting skills. Tinkering with the sensitivity settings also boosts accuracy. Hit the practice mode and see what works the best for you.

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