Ever since COD Mobile came out in 2019, the multiplayer shooter has managed to deliver quality with every season. On August 25th, the game will receive the next big season update, Elite of the Elite.

If the title is not exciting enough, season 7 will introduce new maps, an exciting theme, new events, a battle pass, and more.

Season 7 to Bring Two New Maps

With every season, the game introduces something new and exciting and this season is no exception. Players will now be able to explore two new maps – Monastery and Scrapyard 2019.

The Monastery is full of buildings and narrow, meandering paths. Players can take their squads to this map in Frontline and TDM. Meanwhile, Scrapyard 2019 first appeared in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, so COD fans will likely enjoy revisiting the location.

Ozuna collabs with Call of Duty Mobile

The renowned singer Ozuna has teamed up with COD Mobile to take the game up a notch. Players will be greeted by the track ‘A la Buena, el Mejor’ in the lobby. Even the in-game vehicles will feature the song throughout the season.

The collaboration also introduces a new limited-time mode in the game – Ozuna: Kill Confirmed. The in-game store will offer several Ozuna-inspired items. They include the bear outfit, an exclusive calling card, operator skin, and much more.

Cyber Attack Event Coming Out on September 3

The themed event of the season, Cyber Attack will be unveiled on September 3. This will be a one-of its-kind event where players will have their own personal soldier.

Every six hours, players can send out their soldier on missions and they will return with cool items. As the soldier’s XP keeps adding through BRs and PvPs, they would return with better items.

Battle Pass Tier Rewards – Free and Premium

Just like every other season, 7 is loaded with new weapons and items. For the Free Pass, players can unlock the Hades LMG at tier 21. Upon reaching tier 14, Kinetic Armor Operator Skill will be unlocked. Players can also get some season-special cosmetic items and more.

Premium pass holders can unlock all the rewards. There are special weapon blueprints like M4 – Outcast Vengeance, QXR – Prototype Omega, Rytec AMR — Revati, and more. Special outfits for characters can be obtained through the premium pass.

Call of Duty season 7 update will be live on August 25th, 2021 at 5:00 pm PT. Head over to Google Play or the App Store and get the update!

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