Call of Duty Mobile season 8 is here and players have already started exploring the new update. Much of the attention was directed towards the new map, Blackout. The second-anniversary update brought some resolution tweaks, new characters, outfits, and much more.

Among those changes, two new guns made their way to COD Mobile. One of them is the R90, a shotgun. The second is the M13 assault rifle. Both guns are already popular in Call of Duty Warzone. Since Assault Rifles are a preferred gun type for many, the M13 is going to be very popular.

The new Battle Pass features the R90, so this means players will be able to unlock it that way. However, the M13 is yet to be added to the game.

Here’s how to get the new M13 Assault Rifle

First of all, the M13 will become available through a seasonal event that is not due until mid-October. The event starts on October 11th and the gun is likely to be unveiled during that week. To obtain the M13, players will likely need to complete some tasks.

Until the M13 makes its way to the game, players can try out some alternatives like the Man-O-War, AK-47, and DR-H. Alternatively, players can try out SMGs for a change of pace.

Players are understandably excited for the M13's arrival since the gun has high damage and low recoil. Undoubtedly, this is going to be a new favourite for many. Once the seasonal event starts, we will upload a guide on how to unlock the M13 in Call of Duty Mobile.

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