Call of Duty Mobile is heading towards its second anniversary and players are excited about the rewards, Battle Pass, and new things that might get added to the game. The second-anniversary celebrations will begin on September 22 at around 5 PM PT.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the anniversary update will be the new battle royale map. For the first anniversary, COD Mobile introduced Alcatraz. This year, COD Mobile will be adding Blackout, the very first battle royale map to appear in a Call of Duty.

Blackout is originally a part of COD: Black Ops 4. The BR map is vast and includes some popular locations like Nuketown and Estate. The Crash map will also receive some modifications.

Apart from the new map, there will be new weapons like the M13 (Assault Rifle) and the R9-0 (Shotgun). Players can unlock 50 tiers of new rewards in the Battle Pass. A new characters Alias – Battleworn and Velikan – Volcanic Ash will be a part of the celebration.

The second-anniversary celebrations will last throughout the eighth season. To make things interesting, three new events will be introduced. They are Counterattack, an Anniversary Cake event, and a Puzzle event.

Out of these, Counterattack will be a special attraction. The limited-time event will feature NPCs and Mercenaries. The mode will also add PvE elements to the battle royale.

Lastly, players will be introduced to a new way of looting weapons and a new system for health and armour. The visuals and vehicle UI will be tweaked to deliver better gameplay.

Once the anniversary celebrations begin, the in-game shop will become loaded with exclusive items, huge discounts, lucky draws, and much more.

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