AFK Arena guide - Everything you need to know about the 1.17.05 update

Posted by Campbell Bird on May 22nd, 2019
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Ok, so if you're like me, you've been playing (and sometimes waiting) your way through AFK Arena, only to learn there's a lot more to it than there appears on the surface. There's guilds, a PvP arena, and all sorts of other systems and game modes to pay attention to, and–quite frankly–it can be confusing.

Today, I want to talk about the latest update to AFK Arena. This update adds some nice quality of life features, but also adds in some new systems and even a couple new heroes. Check out everything you need to know about the 1.17.05 patch here.

Quality of Life Updates

AFK Arena is a game you can tap around on mindlessly, but the latest update makes that a little easier. Menus have been condensed and re-arranged smartly so that everything on your screen is a bit clearer and less cluttered.

There’s also a new Regal Rewards system, which I’ll consider a quality of life update because it makes the game’s daily quests feel less like a tedious grind. The basic idea is that you get points for completing quests, which then can grant you new rewards every day. This makes completing every daily quest feel like it actually matters, where previously you could just do a smattering of them and be just fine.

New heroes

With this patch, two new heroes have come to AFK Arena. One is an intelligence-based hero from the Maulers faction named Safiya. The other is Eironn, an agility-based hero for the Wilders faction.

Safiya is essentially the Maulers equivalent of Belinda, in that she’s a damage dealer plus support for your team. Eironn, on the other hand, is a bit mysterious. He can do quite a bit of damage, but doesn’t exactly seem well-suited as a front- or back-line hero. He does have an interesting Vortex ability that draws enemies in a tight cluster around him. Currently, it’s hard to see how these units will stack up in the overall meta of AFK Arena, but between the two, Eironn seems to be the hero that may shake things up down the road.

Wish list

Of interest to anyone who’s drawn a few too many Angelos from the Noble Tavern is the addition of wish lists. Players can now select heroes from specific factions that they’re interested in summoning, which will make the odds of them appearing more likely.

To be clear, this system doesn’t make it more likely for you to summon rarer units. Those rates are unchanged, but the likelihood that the next ascended tier heroes you draw will actually be the ones you want is higher. It’s not a complete game-changer, but it’s better than summons being completely random as they have been.

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