Aera Is So Pretty

Posted by Chris Hall on July 7th, 2009

I did an app review a few weeks (months?) back about a game that I just didn't feel lived up to its potential primarily due to controls that I didn't feel were perfect for the iPhone. People bombarded me with flack about it because they said that the games controls were perfectly fine, but one comment stuck with me to this day. Someone told me at some point that they could spend a few hours with the game not even shooting bad guys, but just flying.

Now there are games that I have experienced this. Some of the old Microsoft Flight Simulator games, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, and Midtown Madness (driving), all fit the bill as games that I just wanted to be left alone, but they all were displayed on a large screen and I usually had some kind of huge joystick or driving wheel on my computer desk. The size of the iPhone and the typical nature of playing on it just don't seem conducive to that type of playing style.

Well yesterday I got an e-mail about a new game called Aera. I thought, ok, here we go again, another iPhone flying game. I would certainly let someone else review the game because obviously the genre, on the iPhone, just isn't for me. On a recommendation, I watched the youtube video and was astounded.

[youtube 0_BHMS_Jsmo]

The flow of the game, along with the graphics are just beautiful. I have to say that Aera may be the first game of its kind that I think that I would want to fly around endlessly doing dogrolls and loops. According to the developers, there are mission modes, a free flight mode, and even some multiplayer that will include capture the flag and duel. I haven't done much investigating yet, but hopefully Aera will be out soon, because now I want to finally fly on my iPhone.

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