Digerati has announced a new upcoming rhythm game named A Musical Story will be releasing on iOS later this year alongside a launch on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Developed by Glee-Cheese Studio, the game is a musical adventure game set in the 1970s where you unlock the memories of Gabriel, a musician who needs to piece together significant parts of his past.

It’s part-rhythm game and part-interactive art as A Musical Story fuses the connection between memory and music as a key theme to tell Gabriel’s story. To emphasise this, the game has no text or spoken dialogue, allowing the music to take over using an original soundtrack composed and performed by Charles Bardin and Valentin Ducloux.

The creation of A Musical Story started in 2017 when Glee-Cheese experimented with different ideas for how the game should utilise its narrative elements. The team eventually found the vision that most felt right for the story they wanted to tell, and the game entered development.

“We wanted to make something different, something that would stick in the minds of players, both for its gameplay and story. It took a huge amount of time to find the right formula, but this one was the most inspiring,” says Charles Bardin from Glee-Cheese Studio.

“In most musical games, there’s a visual timeline, showing exactly when to play the notes. We've focused instead on creating an experience that relies on the listening skills of the player, so they must feel the music, understand it, to progress and unveil the story.”

You’ll be able to download A Musical Story later this year when it releases in the summer. It’ll be a paid release, but we don’t know how much it will cost.

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