148Apps 2014 Holiday Shopping Guide for Gamers

Posted by Rob Rich on December 11th, 2014

Welcome, one and all, to another 148Apps holiday shopping guide! Are you having trouble figuring out what to get for a distant relative, new neighbor, or estranged second cousin? Thankfully there are people like us putting together handy-dandy holiday shopping guides for you! Whether you’re looking for new hardware and accessories, or just something a bit less impersonal than an iTunes gift card, we’ve got you covered.

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Today’s guide centers around iOS gamers. These are the folks who love their portable games and spend most of their morning commute matching pieces of candy or fighting immortal titans. If you’d like to make the gamer(s) in your life have an overall more pleasant and convenient gaming experience, or simply get them some really cool stuff to play, check out our list below for some ideas.

SteelSeries Stratus XL

With more and more ports of popular console and PC games, most iOS gamers will probably want to get their hands on a controller like the Stratus XL ($59.99 - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). It’s a solidly built MFi controller that easily connects to any compatible games. You’ll probably want to avoid getting it for someone who only has an iPhone, however, as the XL doesn’t have any handy stands or clamps to hold the smaller iOS device - which means the tiny screen of the iPhone would likely be in an awkward position and make playing anything tougher than normal. It’s a great fit for the iPad, though.Just so long as it’s a newer model like the iPad Air or iPad Mini Retina. [Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Bioshock, and so on.

MOGA Rebel

The MOGA Rebel ($79.99 - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as the Stratus XL, but it’s no slouch. It also works quite well with the iPad, but the collapsable clamp makes it ideal for iPhone and iPod Touch users. You just set the iOS device inside, switch the controller on, and go. It does mean carrying the controller around separately, which isn’t ideal for portability, but it pairs so well with the smaller devices that it’s easy to let slide. [Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Knights of the Old Republic, and Bioshock are similarly a good fit, as are more mobile-specific titles like Wayward Souls and Dead Trigger 2.

Phiaton Fusion MS 430 Headphones

Many games, across all platforms, rely on quality sound to create atmosphere. With audio being so important, a nice set of headphones like the Fusion MS 430 ($179.99) can make a huge difference. They aren’t cheap, certainly, but they’re well-made. They’re also relatively portable, and can fold up and be stored in a small pouch whenever you’re on the go. Not a bad fit for mobile gaming, really. [The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us would certainly work, as would the silky smooth voice of the narrator from Bastion. Games with moody soundtracks like FTL and Year Walk would also be worth a listen. Then of course there are experimental titles such as Papa Sangre and Papa Sangre II that rely on audio - and only audio - to craft player experiences.

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