App Description

Voice Cam lets your take photo on your iPhone using voice command. Its voice-controlled operation has the advantage of eliminating the camera shake when tripping the shutter. With an external microphone, Voice Cam can also be used as a remote control for your iPhone camera.


* Provide a number of voice samples with spoken words such as "Take Picture".
* When you are ready to take a photo, say the spoken words. When Voice Cam recognizes the words, it will trigger the shutter to take a photo.
* You can also tap anywhere on the screen to trigger the shutter.
* After the photo is taken, Voice Cam will automatically insert it into your Photo Library. The insertion can take some time to complete, and Voice Cam will queue the photo (shown on the lower left corner of the screen) until it is saved. Meanwhile, you can take another photo.

iPhone Screenshots

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Voice Cam screenshot 1

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