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Air TV lets you watch your TV programs received at your home while you are on the road.

Air TV works by connecting your iPhone/iPod Touch using Wi-Fi networks with a host computer at your home. With a compatible TV tuner installed on your host computer, Air TV forwards the TV programs captured by your TV tuner to your iPhone/iPod Touch. With Air TV, you get to watch your favorite programs in real time wherever you are.
Air TV works with Wi-Fi network connectivity only.

** NOTE ** To ensure compatibility of your TV tuner card, please download the FREE Air TV Mono first. If you are having trouble with your tuner card, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

** NOTE ** If you do not receive audio of the TV program, please make sure your iPhone/iPod is not on "silent" mode.


* Watch Live feed of your TV programs on iPhone/iPod in near real time with minimal delay.
* Watch exactly what your tuner can receive from you home. You've paid for your cable programs, and now you get to watch them even way from home.
* Switch between full-screen view and vintage TV set view.
* Watch all channels viewable by your tuner.
* Password protection to give you exclusive access of your tuner.
* Easy to set up with zero configuration.

While we are trying to make Air TV enjoyable for all users, there are technical limitations that impose a number of system requirements. Please read them carefully.


* iPhone 3G or iPod Touch with V2.1.
* Works with Wi-Fi network connectivity only (local or remote).
* Air TV works over external Wi-Fi hotspot when you have set up port forwarding on your router.
* A compatible TV tuner card (USB or internal) is required on the host computer.
* Host computer must run Windows XP or Windows Vista. Mac OS X is not supported.
* Host computer with a CPU of Core2Duo or above is recommended.
* Currently, only analog broadcast (over-the-air or cable), ATSC digital broadcast (over-the-air or cable), DVB-T (over-the-air) digital broadcast are supported. Digital cable program may also be viewed via an external conversion box.
* Download and run the free Air TV Windows software from http://www.senstic.com/iphone/airtv/airtv.aspx to stream your video feed.

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