What's New

What’s New
● Significant online, AI and gameplay fixes and improvements!
● New Career Mode!
● New Emotes in PvP games!
● This update is required in order to play opponents online.
● More bug fixes, tuning, improvements and animations!

Online (PvP / VS. Friends) Improvements
● Online multiplayer connections have been made significantly more reliable.
● Players who quit during a match automatically forfeit, awarding the opponent the win.
● If disconnection occurs as a result of a lost network connection, users will be informed and will have the option to finish the game versus the CPU.
● Major networking improvements now result in significantly fewer non-user-initiated disconnections.
● The player automatically forfeits if inactive for 3 consecutive pitches. The player will be notified on the second inactive pitch.
NEW Career Mode
● Work your way up the Leagues – Start with a Semi-Pro team in the Corn Field, build them up to Pros playing in Triple Eh Stadium, and finally hit the Big League stadiums!
● Upgrade your athletes – Earn valuable Training Points by playing games then spend them to improve your athletes’ Power, Contact, Speed, Fielding, Stamina and Velocity attributes. ***Pro tip*** You earn more Training Points when you play Online matches!
● Bronze-, Silver- and Gold-tier athletes have different max upgrade levels. Allocate your Training Points strategically to create your own unique team then take them online to challenge your friends and the world!
● Manage your strategy – Customize your batting order, choose your starting pitcher and position your fielders. Choose the right athlete for your individual play style!
● Upgrade up to 6 different teams – Focus on power for one team and speed for another—the choice is yours!

NEW PvP Emotes
● Congratulate, amuse or taunt your opponents with fun animated emotes.
● Get in your opponent’s head—use emotes to bluff, fake out and deceive other players. Make them a part of your tactical game!

Gameplay and AI Improvements
● CPU batter AI has been significantly improved and now behaves more like a human.
● User pitch timing (Perfect, Good, Poor) now affects CPU batter AI and performance. The better the user performs, the worse the CPU batter performs.
● For Perfect and Good pitch timing, the AI will no longer adjust batting position to match pitch location, while for Poor pitch timing, the CPU batter may adjust batter position to match pitch location.
● Pitches that require greater amounts of stamina are more likely to “fool” the CPU batter.
● Pitches that are outside the strike zone are significantly less likely to be hit successfully.
● Base runners' logic significantly improved, as well as several other key bugs resolved.
● Fixed a bug where a foul ball could result in an inside-the-park home run.
● AI fielders now have varying throw speed and arm strength.
● Fielders' throwing logic significantly improved, as well as several other key bugs fixed.
● Base runners are less aggressive now when attempting to gain additional bases.
● Increased stamina for all pitchers.
● Added overhead diving catches and jump catches.
● CPU pitcher AI improvements, as well as significant overall AI tuning.
● Overall CPU AI difficulty adjusted.

General Improvements & Fixes
● Fixed a bug where swings were not being displayed properly.
● Fixed a bug where a batter swings at a ball and it’s not registered as a strike.
● Auto screen lock is disabled for online games.
● Improved commentary voice-over audio.
● Improved various animations.
● Resolved numerous bugs that resulted in game crashes.
● Fixed a bug related to bat-ball contact timing.
● Resolved several exploits related to players extending pitch waiting times by not interacting with the game.
● Improved fielder cut-off behavior.
● Fixed several bugs related to player stats.
● Further animation improvements.
● Further gameplay tuning and various improvements.
● Fixed many other bugs.

App Description

Put your baseball strategy to the test in live head-to-head matches where you’ll choose the perfect pitch to strike out opponents, or swing for the fences on your way to becoming a champion. Ballistic Baseball is a celebration of the Great American Pastime realized in a fun, larger-than-life art style.

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- Square off against real opponents in a real-time PvP baseball game!
- With just a tap, you can direct every pitch, using a wide selection of pitching styles.
- Step up to the plate and swing with easy-to-learn tap controls.
- Challenge friends to private player-versus-player matches anytime!
- Congratulate, amuse or taunt your opponents with fun animated emotes.

- Take your team all the way to the Big Leagues in a new Career mode!
- Each win gives you Training Points that can be spent to improve your players’ Power, Contact, Speed, Fielding or pitching attributes.
- Then take that team online to challenge your friends and the world!
- Unlock Bronze-, Silver- and Gold-tier players, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, to create a unique team.

- Strategically pick your pitchers, batting order and field positions to make quick work of each opponent that steps up to you in the ballpark.
- Earn XP for every achievement in your baseball games.
- Customize the look of your players with a range of bats, helmets, uniforms and more to make your team unique.

- Feel the anticipation as the batter gets ready to hit the ball and run, or as the catcher’s mitt edges closer to the runner sliding into home plate.
- Witness each amazing strikeout, close call, and home run that gets the entire ballpark cheering!
- Ballistic Baseball captures and amplifies these moments in a visually dramatic style .

Ready to play ball? Download Ballistic Baseball and begin your team’s rise to glory now!

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App Changes

  • October 29, 2019 Initial release
  • November 19, 2019 New version 1.0.6
  • December 24, 2019 New version 1.0.9