What's New

[Main Features]
Base HQ Level increased to level 32. New visuals for some buildings.

The new luxury resource “Xenon-X” is unlocked in Worlds which have reached World HQ level 10. The resource itself is a special highly efficient gas, used for upgrading level 30+ buildings.

Xenon-X Harvester: The first water-based Base structure that will generate this precious new resource. Available for players with Base HQ level 30 and World HQ upgraded to level 10.
Xenon-X can be earned from: Xenon-X Harvester, event Leaderboard Rewards, High Roller and the Trader.

Cross-World Grand Events: New cross-world variation of traditional Grand Events with a new Cross-World Leaderboard.
The events' rules and their scoring mechanics will remain unchanged.

Cross-world variation of the traditional solo “Hiring Staff” event. Worlds will take part in it divided into brackets (3 to 5 Worlds per bracket).
The winning World will receive, among other rewards, World XP, which is used for upgrading the World HQ.

[Implemented by players’ popular demand]
The World Domination event will be preceded by a chain event that will serve as a qualification round for the World Domination event.
Only the top players in the chain event’s Leaderboard will receive special “World HQ Teleports,” which will be used to teleport on the World HQ island during the World Domination event.

Hindi is now supported in WPO!
Hide the map HUD while scrolling!
Tapping on faction or player icons will open their profile.

[Game Polished]
Additional World HQ level-up rewards
More Unit Rewards from early-game missions
Commander levels now show up during battles
New indication for ready-to-upgrade buildings

[Seasonal Content]
New crafting set with a gathering specialty
New crafting items for existing sets
Seasonal PvE — the return of the Thorium Cult
A special 4th of July event with a unique avatar for the winner
Unique look for Mumbai, plus an additional 2nd bonus
2 new avatars
Minor changes and bug fixes

App Description

When the entire world is at war, bold generals rise to the challenge and lead their armies toward Global Conquest. The time has come for you to strike! Do you have what it takes? Build your base, dominate regions of an actual real world map, and lead your faction to conquer every nation of the globe!

You are a lone military force in a world completely engulfed by war. But you are destined to rise up and conquer it all! So build a mighty base, gather strong allies, and launch a global assault in the most explosive real-time MMO strategy game!


• Immerse yourself in a world where thousands of real players struggle for dominance 24/7.
• Talk to your allies (and taunt your enemies) in the global chat, or plot your next attack in the private Faction chat.
• Build your forces from units based on actual modern war machines including armored tanks, lightning-fast jets, long-range artillery and much more!
• March your army across a faithfully recreated World Map.

• Fight for supremacy in real-time, live PvP warfare.
• Use cunning strategies to strike your enemies where and when they least expect it.
• Call on allies for reinforcements to overcome any obstacle!

• Customize your base to create an impenetrable fortress that will crush any invasion.
• Recruit skilled commanders that specialize in various types of operations.
• Forge a massive alliance with other players and coordinate amazing feats of strategy together.

What are you waiting for, sir? The world needs a general like you to dominate and win this war!


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App Changes

  • June 17, 2019 Initial release