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Catch Notes Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on August 20th, 2012
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Catch Notes aims to be the Swiss Army Knife of productivity apps, with note taking, to do list creation and more available.

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Version Reviewed: 5.0
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 4

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It's quite clear to see that Catch Notes is here to compete with Evernote. Its core ideas are very similar, allowing users to take all manners of notes wherever they are, through their iOS device, before implementing such ideas elsewhere. Catch Notes doesn't offer its own Desktop client but it does offer the potentially more flexible web based option alongside the iOS app.

Catch Notes is effortlessly stylish to look at with color coding and tagging making it easy to see what's going on at a glance. Such tagging takes a leaf out of Twitter's book by using hashtags to divide up categories. It works similarly well, also.

Entering notes is simple and clearly laid out with the facilities available to add text, voice and photos to entries, with everything syncable once online again. Collaborative lists are possible through similar online functionality with the ability to add certain emails to the collective. Privacy functions complete this package.

Notes aren't all that are catered for here either, with checklists are possible allowing for all manners of To Do lists to be arranged. In each case, location tagging and timers open up the app's potential to be used for more than just note taking.

Throughout using Catch Notes, it's very noticeable just how fast the app reacts to everything. From entering some text to snapping a photo or including a checklist, the app never falters, keeping up with the speed of your thought process. It's refreshing to see.

That's much of what works so well for Catch Notes. Usable for a variety of different scenarios, it'll work just as well for leisure as it will for arranging one's work life. There's no way of implementing text formatting for notes or checklists which is mildly frustrating, nor is there a Mac or PC based app to use alongside it but the web based interface is sufficient. These small flaws aside and Catch Notes is a useful app for those with varied organizational needs.

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