We love getting information about new apps, or apps we may have missed.

We encourage you to send us information about your apps and games. Here’s what we need. The information below is pretty frank, we hope it will help. Please read it all, before you submit your request to us.

What to send us

When you send us info about your new apps or games, we like to get the info, without all of the marketing fluff. We need the meat of the info so that we can quickly look at your app to see if it’s a good fit for our site.

No matter what your app, make sure to send it with a compelling description of your application, screen shots, and links to videos (YouTube preferred). Include what differentiates your app from other similar ones. Keep the attachments to a minimum in the email. If you have more than a megabyte, set up a Dropbox account and share the documents from there. It will save us both a big headache.

It’s worth spending the time to do this right. After all, why should we spend the time if you aren’t willing to do so? Sending crap to us shows, and lets us know that you app is most likely crap too.

Include a Promocode?

You don’t have to submit your info with a promocode for us to look at it and consider it for review, but in most instances it will help as it just makes it quicker for us to take a look. It’s what promocodes are for after all.

Pre-Release! Yes, please!

We will occasionally look at a TestFlight build. But it’s an extra step that we don’t usually have that much time for.

We strongly recommend you stage the release of your app. Get the app approved by Apple then set your release date out so you can drive PR to a particular date. This also gives you the big plus of being able to generate promo codes (even for free apps) so that we can take a look at the final app, from the App Store. It makes a big difference in some cases.

Where to send it

It’s important that you send it to the right site.

You can submit your iOS apps and games for review by sending the details above to 148apps.com reviews editor Campbell Bird: [email protected]. Do not respond to outreach emails from Gmail or other unofficial email accounts claiming to be Campbell. These are impersonators.

If your app is an Android app, you should send it to our friends at Pocket Gamer.

What we will review

In reality, we will only be able to review very few of the apps that people send us. Here are some things the go into the decision on what we review.

First off, the app needs to look good. The graphical assets should be similar in quality to the best apps and games out there.

Secondly, it needs to be original or unique. With a flood of similar games each with similar mechanics, it’s refreshing to see a new idea, well implemented. There’s no need for the same old app.

Third, it has to be a good app or game. Quality always trumps marketing strategy. Well designed content, interface, or levels in a game will shine through fairly quickly.

Finally, we look for apps that come with a solid amount of info and support material, professionally submitted. A link to the app store, a well-written summary paragraph, a link to a YouTube/Viemo video, and some reasoning on what the app does well are always helpful.

We hope this explanation helps your efforts. We can’t guarantee all apps that fit these definitions will get a review published, but it should give them a leg up.

Review Badges

Developers are more than welcome to use our review badges on their sites to point to their review on 148apps.com. Please copy the image and host it yourself though, do not hot link to the image on our server. Badges are available on the badges page.