War and Order: What to expect from the epic new Totem update

Posted by Alina Gasca on June 29th, 2022
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Camel Games' strategy war game War and Order has just released an epic Totem system for players to tinker around with. Whether you're unleashing your inner tactician as you come up with the best strategies to defeat your foes or you're maximising your harvest to prepare for dreary days ahead, the new update will help you expand your might and dominance over your enemies - and we've got the lowdown on just what you can expect.

The world of War and Order

Set in an enchanting medieval-style fantasy world, War and Order thrusts players into the heart of battle as they fortify their Castle and fight to become the most fearsome Lord in all the land. Players can rule with an iron fist all by their lonesome, or forge strong bonds via the game's Alliance system to bring down the mightiest of foes.

The game also lets players take control of majestic Beasts and recruit powerful Troops, as well as wield the power of Artifacts to dominate the Crown War or the Void War's other Realms.

A greater boost to Artifacts

In War and Order, artifacts are both a symbol of your power and a crucial element for succeeding in battle. And, with this update, Artifacts are now even more crucial as the new Totem system helps players unlock valuable new Skills to boost their firepower. The more Artifacts a Lord has in their possession, the more buffs they can take advantage of. And, to underline the greater significance Artifacts now play, the display of Artifacts have now gone from 2D to 3D.

An epic Totem system

Gorgeous visual effects aside, the new Totem system can enhance the power of Lords' Troops while reducing the resources required to grow the City. To top it all off, the new Totem system takes inspiration from classical mythology with the Spirit of Earth, the Spirit of Wrath, the Spirit of Fire, the Spirit of Order, the Spirit of Darkness, the Spirit of Hunting and the Spirit of Fertility.

These Spirits have their own unique power and history. Additionally, Totems also have advantages during scout and battle reports to allow players to study their enemy's stats and adjust their troop configurations accordingly.

Going to war with Totem

Totems are effectively a new type of battle buff so, naturally, when forming an army to send into battle with the new Totem system, players can select the Beast and Totem they want to deploy alongside their Troops. These combinations will unleash Skills that come with dazzling special effects during battle which can be stacked together when multiple players use their totems together.

If you're eager to give the new updates a go, you can download War and Order on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

Those that download and play before 28th July can redeem the code "148app2206" for some useful in-game items to get started.

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