In May of last year a mysterious video popped up on YouTube showing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 running amazingly well, it seemed, on the iPhone. That video was created to celebrate Tony Hawks birthday and to hopefully present a product idea to Tony and Activision.

Well it looks like the game might really be coming out. Tony Hawk revealed this picture on his Twitter stream over the weekend. That tweet has now been removed, but the image remains on the image hosting site. The original tweet from Tony was "In the PR world, this is considered "going rogue," but I'm too excited to contain it. This is real & dropping soon."

Activision have the rights to the Tony Hawk franchise so the game will be released through them. We connected with the developer of the version we saw last year to see if they were the developers of this new version. The bad news is that they are not creating it. It was apparently created by someone else for Activision or possibly internally by Activision. I've contacted Activision to see if they have a comment on this game, but have yet to hear back.

Hit the jump for the original YouTube video to see Tony Hawk running on the iPhone.

Take a look at the original video below to see the kind of performance we can expect when this drops -- it should be really soon now.

[via Pocketgamer]

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