Although 2016 may bring about new responsibilities and resolutions to fulfil, the new year also means more entertainment to be excited about!

Whether it be books, movies, or music, we’ve selected three apps that will help you discover entertainment tailored to your tastes.

The best


While there are many services which attempt to recommend music similar to your own, Soundwave takes music discovery to a new level.

It's basically a social network of its own, allowing you to create a profile page and interact with fellow users like you would on other networking sites.

Soundwave’s “communities”, an impressive recent addition, allows people to join user groups dedicated to particular topics or genres of music, and is definitely the closest thing we have to a Facebook for music lovers.

Having recently been acquired by Spotify, it seems that Soundwave could be on the verge of a breakthrough for music-based social networking, and looks to have huge potential for growth.

The rest

itcher - Movie Recommendations

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2015-12-15 :: Category: Game


If you'd prefer a “jack of all trades”, Itcher has you covered by way of its comprehensive collection of movies, music, books and games - though TV shows are a glaring omission.

Having only been released on December, Itcher already has a relatively substantial install base, with almost every item having received plenty of user ratings and reviews. Simply rate 5 items of your desired entertainment medium, and Itcher will provide you a giant list of recommendations for you to delve into.

While it's unavoidable that Itcher may lack the depth of those dedicated to their own particular mediums, it's more than adequate for people who want a bit of everything.

Tastebud – Recommendations on Movies, Books, Music & More

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2015-05-12 :: Category: Game


If you don't fully believe in the accuracy of computer algorithms, perhaps Tastebud is a more suitable alternative for you.

This minimalistic, convenient app works purely on the basis of user posts and is unparalleled with regards to ease of use. As such, there is no need to rate or review anything, as the concept of Tastebud revolves more around casual recommendations to the community, and is perfect for someone who just wants to try something new from a fellow user’s endorsement.

If you want something specific, simply post your own request to the main page and wait for a reply.

Did your favourite make the list? No? Well, let us know what it is in the comments below!

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