Clash of Clans by Supercell is one of the most iconic mobile games. The strategy title came out in 2012 and remains relevant to this day. A chunk of credit goes to the developers for always coming up with something new and exciting.

Whether it be the Builder Base or Clan War Leagues or the newest addition Clan Capital, Supercell has never failed to deliver.

Recently, Supercell shared their plans regarding future updates for Clash of Clans. It is fair to say that Supercell has planned these updates by considering all types of players.

Supercell has a lot planned for CoC

Here’s what the developer has shared in the latest blog.

1. Clan Capital

Clan Capital aims to bring together all clan members and give them a common goal to work toward. It includes both Home Village and Builder Base troops, buildings, and other new elements. On top of that, the developers also mentioned that they are planning to add new features soon to make Clan Capital even more interesting and engaging.

2. Home Village

It's been quite a few years since Class of Clans rolled out and the Home Village remains at the heart of it. It has received regular updates and additions through the years.

One of the major challenges the developers face is the complexity of the Home Village. The developers want the game to be more user-friendly and they believe they can take the necessary steps to make it easy for new players to learn.

Lastly, there will be a gap of 18 months before introducing a new Town Hall level. This gap will help newer players catch up with older players.

3. Builder Base

The Builder Base was introduced to bring fast-paced gameplay. It kept getting bigger and bigger and kind of lost it's way. Players started to use Builder Base just to benefit their Home Village and because of that, the developers are aiming to bring changes that will allow them to stick to the purpose the base was introduced for in the first place.

The reason behind sharing these future plans is to make sure the developers stick to them and add new features for the players. Supercell has also promised to keep evolving CoC and tweaking the gameplay.

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