Summon beasts and battle evil in epic real time strategy RPG First Summoner

Posted by Luke Frater on July 19th, 2019
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Imagine a tale of conlict between factions of good and evil, where rogueish heroes summon beasts to aid them in them in warfare and courageously battle dragons over fields of scorched earth and brimstone - that's exactly the essence of epic fantasy adventure that newly released strategy RPG First Summoner aims to deliver into the palm of your hand.

Released today in over 140 countries for iOS and Android, First Summoner comes courtesy of Korean developer SkeinGlobe and publisher LINE Games (of Destiny Child fame). And as you might expect from an RPG that looks as beautiful and well polished as First Summoner appears to be, you'll find plenty of content to enjoy, including an epic campaign mode, a PVP Arena for head-to-head duels, and a roguelike dungeon mode known as Infinite Chaos for endless battles.

Specifically intended for one handed gaming, First Summoner delivers its slick gameplay in portrait orientation. And unlike the many endlessly grinding hack-n-slash RPGs that have recently populated the app stores, First Summoner allows you to assume complete manual control over your hero and choose your own tactics by incorporating card based strategy elements. You'll have full control over a deck of 6 cards which you can assemble with various summon and spell cards. The strategy you adopt in building up your decks and playing your cards will play a huge role in your success on the battlefield so there's plenty of scope on offer when it comes to honing your tactics.

To celebrate its global launch, First Summoner is running a grand opening event which commences today and ends on August 1st. Players that complete daily missions during the event will be rewarded with heaps of in-game currency and a Legendary Card, so if you want to get started - now's the perfect time!

You can find First Summoner available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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