It is a hard rule that news writers across any medium must remain unbias and report facts, this is an immutable law that must always be followed. Having said that, allow me a few brief moments to throw all that in the garbage and enthuse about the office release of a game I personally have been most intrigued by; iLLANG.

iLLANG is based on the classic party game of Mafia, also known as Werewolf, Village, or something to this effect. It is a social deduction game where the players must uncover who amongst them is the wolf in sheep's clothing waiting to strike, and in this case, the metaphor is quite apt, as someone is a literal wolf.

In order to uncover this dastardly individual, each of the nineteen characters has their own skills and missions that can give them the edge. There are also a host of mini-games to enjoy before being unceremoniously chomped. Each match can host up to 20 players and features full voice chat for that ultimate party experience. Team up to catch the monster, or try to keep them off your tail long enough to find yourself a good meal.

To celebrate the release, Challengers are rolling out the events straight away, starting with the survey event. The rules are simple; play the game, and then report back with your honest opinion. Do that, and you will receive ten Lucky Tickets, and help steer the future of a new game. Easy job done.

Before everyone gets too excited, however, there is a small hitch to this debut. Only the Asian server is available right now due to what the developers are calling a “slight hiccup”. To remedy this, Challengers are dangling shinies in the face of its player base and giving away 100 Lucky Tickets and 20,000 Gold to tide everyone over until the other servers open towards the end of this month.

iLLANG is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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