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Two fighter giants collide as The King of Fighters Allstar kicks off latest collaboration

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 30th, 2023

Netmarble has announced the partnership between two fighting giants who really need no introductions; The King of Fighters Allstar will play host to Capcom's iconic series Street Fighter, specifically the latest entry Street Fighter 6, with three legendary fighters set to kick off the collab.

Proving the legend true that he does go with everything, Guile is a Yellow Defense type fighter, who has the rather envious leader skill of increasing the attack of all fighters, with the buff raising when defeating enemies. His Special Skill will deal Bleed damage equal to the number of attacks as you hit the Blast skill. Overall, a strong opener.

Postknight 2 celebrates its second anniversary with a bumper celebration

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 29th, 2023

It has been two years since Postknights 2 graced mobile, which should be an event all about the prizes and events, but unfortunately, it comes with the worst event name I have seen and I'm mad about it. To celebrate the anniversary, and thank all their players for a 4.9 rating across storefronts, Kurechii has announced “The Aniver2ary” event. And yes, it does not work at all.

To grab your first salvo of rewards, simply log in for seven days before December 11th to make sure you get as much as you can from the Login Rewards, including the exclusive 2023 Gratitude Cap. A decent gift for simply showing up really, and there is still time so act fast.

The PMGC Grand Finalists are locked in with five survivors squeaking past the Last Chance stages

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 28th, 2023

It has been a week of tremendous tension and spectacular shots, but the 2023 PUBG Mobile Global Championship has whittled down the 24 hopefuls to just five. These will take a step towards the grand final and a chance to win a piece of the $3 million prize pool.

In perhaps the most exciting week of the competition, obviously barring the granddaddy of them all, it was the final throw of the dice for these 24 teams as they went head to head-to-head and so on like a bickering gun-wielding Hydra in the Survival Stage and Last Change Stages. After failing to qualify during their Group Stages, they had it all to prove.

Join the ranks of the dragon slaying elite in Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 27th, 2023

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space has launched its latest version 3.3.100 with a new episode and two new characters. The Cliffs of Wyrmrest (Wryz Saga I) sees Aldo and his group heading to the island of a dragon-hunting group, as well as the introduction of a new Awakening mechanic.

The story picks up in Ratle, after the events of chapter 13. Having slayed the dragons attacking the Village of Fire, Aldo is invited to join the elite dragon-hunting organization of Arcadia, an uncharted island full of new allies. Amongst these is Wryz, a young woman determined to complete her goal, even if it costs her life.

Experience ultimate destruction as Onmyoji brings about Divinity’s Doom

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 23rd, 2023

Onmyoji will be releasing its latest event on November 22nd, and it is perhaps the most nihilistic in its history. Divinity’s Doom comes with the tagline of if all creation ends in annihilation, then let’s destroy it already, and they are making good on this premise with the release of an incredibly powerful new character; Izanami.

If you have been looking for a new unit to beef up your offence, then your search is well and truly over. Starting off incredibly strong, Izanamis’ normal skill can deal up to 125% of her ATK to a single target, with a chance to apply Decay. This lowers defence by 100, and at the end of the turn deals an extra 120% indirect damage. That is just the standard attack remember.

Take your tribe to the high seas as The Battle of Polytipia overhauls its naval system

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 23rd, 2023

The Napoleon movie hitting cinemas lately is a timely reminder to everyone how crucial naval warfare is, and indeed was, to battle, and this is an aspect that The Battle of Polytopia acknowledged it lacked. That is, however, until they dropped their new Path of the Ocean update which totally overhauled its water-based combat.

Before, you and your tribe could paddle around a bit on the waters, shooting the odd stinkeye to your opponents. With this update, you can completely dominate the sea thanks to the changes made to the Philosophy system. Certain choices are no longer locked behind expensive routes so you can hit the sea sooner, and there are new Fish and Aqua Crop Resources.

Of course, what we all want to know about is the new units. Boats have been replaced with a standard Raft, no big fanfare, but this can be updated to new ships. The Scout are your eyes, weak but they can see two tiles away, making it perfect to help you position your Rammer ships, a melee ship that headbutts others. This can be superseded by the Juggernaut, an even bigger ship that damages every adjacent tile as it moves. Finally, for traditional naval combat, the Bomber is all cannons and has no speed, decimating other ships but taking a turn to set up and fire.

To make the most out of this new feature, we will need a bigger map. Continents have been overhauled following player complaints, with a host of separate islands separated by waters to give ample gameplay on and off the boats. For a more tactical affair, the new Pangea map is one clump of land surrounded by water. Every player can be reached on foot and by ship, so there is sure to be a fierce battle for resources in the centre, as well as constant raids on coastal cities. The perfect way to celebrate this epic update.

The Battle of Polytopia is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

CookieRun: Tower of Adventures open its doughy doors for global playtest

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 22nd, 2023

Clear your schedule for the rest of the rest because I know what you are going to be doing; taking part in the global playtest for CookieRun: Tower of Adventures. The test is available until November 26th on Google Play Games on PC ahead of its full launch in 2024.

Cookie connoisseurs will be able to play through two chapters of the Story Mode; Jelly Forest and Caves. You can either tackle them solo or in co-op mode. There is even a four-player Raid Mode where you can take on massive boss monsters. It is quite a comprehensive test.

Agent 47 will be sneaking onto mobile as Hitman: Blood Money - Reprisal launches in late November

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 21st, 2023

It is almost that most holy jolly of seasons, and what does that mean? Correct, the return of our favourite suited-up assassin as Hitman: Blood Money - Reprisal gets a release date. Before the month is out, it will be time to step back in time to replay a classic from the sixth generation.

Originally released in 2006, Hitman: Blood Money quickly became the standout title from the franchise, and indeed in all of gaming. Featuring the ever-stoic Agent 47, our ruthless assassin takes on The Franchise, a rival organisation to the ICA, under the watchful eyes of Diana Burnwood. This was the first game to introduce Noterity, making future missions harder depending on how successful your stealth was.

Prepare for a deadly new type of Infected in LifeAfter Season Six

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 20th, 2023

NetEase has announced the release of the latest major update for its open-world survival, LifeAfter. Season six has been dubbed Infection Rebirth, and sees survivors heading to Scientia to save some trapped allies, whilst a peculiar mutation appears amongst the Infected.

With the Source Virus sweeping through the wasteland, a new type of enemy appears. The Disorted Infected are vicious threats which will require a lot of strategy to defeat. Luckily, they do have one big weakness players can exploit with the new Counterattack mechanic.

Mattel163 tackles triple turkey trouble this Thanksgiving

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 17th, 2023

We are in the midst of the Thanksgiving season, and as such, the turkeys have rebelled, stormed the headquarters of developers Mattel163, and inserted themselves in three of the company's popular card games. Ready your assorted decks and prepare for some poultry palaver.

UNO! Mobiles Gobble Up event will be running until November 26th, and will bring quite the festive feast onto the app of one of the card game greats. In this dice-rolling game, you will be navigating a board to assist your feathered friend in creating the perfect pumpkin pie. Play regular matches to earn dice, and then plant and harvest wheat, create flour, knead dough, and bake a tasty treat. You will also get coins and card packs just in case virtual food isn't your fancy. Cease their rumbly tummies, and download UNO! Mobile from the App Store and Google Play.

Build your network and grow connections quickly and securely with NEMO Me

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 16th, 2023

As fun and official as it looks to hand out business cards to people amidst alcohol-soaked and smoke-filled bars to expand your network, the world has moved on from these little scraps of cardboard. Now, there are fun new ways to connect with others, with NEMO Me throwing its hat into the ring.

Thanks to some special tech and laser beams, simply place your phone close to someone else and the NEMO Me app will share whatever information you tell it to with your new phone. You can choose from direct contact info, Instagram, LinkedIn, TwiX, and, of course, TikTok, if what you want to share is annoying videos. The best part, is the devs say NEMO Me is decentralized so it can’t access user data itself.

Swap your Hadoukens for duck feathers as Frosty Pop announces retro-inspired fighter Pillow Champ

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 15th, 2023

If you have ever wanted to expose your children to the 2D fighters of the bygone eras, but worry that seeing Sub Zero ripping out Scorpions’ spine might be a little too traumatising, then you’re in luck as indie developers Frosty Pop have announced their upcoming title; Pillow Champ.

Calling back to the old 2.5D action fighters such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Pillow Champ throws a bit more of a family spin on things. Pained grunts are now laughter, weapons are now pillows, surprisingly, and blood is feathers, so the only victims here are the duck population. And who doesn’t love a good pillow fight?

Learn about the environment from the comfort of your dishwasher with Domino: The Little One

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 14th, 2023

Have you ever looked at your Fridge or Washing Machine and thought, “What a fantastic look and noise, I would love to play a video game by the people who made this”? No, of course not, and yet, Beko has gone ahead and done just that with its 2D Platformer Domino: The Little One.

Despite coming from an unlikely source, Domino comes with a strong message and a worthy course of trying to raise awareness of climate change. And before you start thinking about the hypocrisy angle from the big, bad appliance maker, Beko has been going on a sustainability kick with all their products, so there is research and genuine drive behind the game.

Android users can head to the tracks early with Racing Masters Beta

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 13th, 2023

NetEase Games has opened its doors to its car simulation game Racing Master in a beta lasting long into the month, with one caveat. If you have an Android device you can take part in this driving masterclass, but Apple users will have to wait for the real deal.

Racing Master has been developed on Codemasters physics engine and powered by Unreal 4, so it is backed by some pretty high tech to recreate some lifelike performance of all its vehicles. You will be able to sit behind the wheel of a stable of licensed vehicles, all ready to be fully customised.

Reverse: 1999 welcomes Phase One of its latest version with the introduction of a strong new ally

Posted by Shaun Walton on November 10th, 2023

Despite not being released for that long, Bluepoch Games is already releasing Phase One of Version 1.1 for their 20th-century time-travel strategic RPG Reverse: 1999. The Theft of the Rimet Cup will introduce a new 6-star character; the famous thief Melania and her talking handbag mentor Acey.

The great thief Melana is an extremely powerful DPS who can easily shoulder the role of a main damage dealer. She can use her Ultimate quite frequently for constant high damage and can gain a significant damage boost to her rituals through her Insight tree. If you are lacking strength, then the Pop is Everything banner might be worth pulling on.