Netmarble has recently updated Seven Knights Idle Adventure with so much new content you will think it is already Christmas again. There are two new modes, some special Lunar New Year celebratory events, an expansion to the Tower of Infinity, and four powerful new Legendary Heroes to collect.

Kicking off our lineup of heroes is Rakshasa. This ranged unit will boost the Critical Hit chance of Defensive allies. A neat trick to bring a little more damage, but perhaps not the most useful buff. Lee Jung, on the other hand, grants himself a shield equal to his maximum health after Taunting, resulting in a very stable brick wall for enemies to throw themselves against.

Xiao can draw opponents towards her at a distance, and impart a Silence debuff on them,perfect to help dismantle the opponent's long-ranged glass canons, get them close and stop their damage. Finally, Medea will be perfect in fights against Nightmare Boss Monsters, imparting a damage buff to allies after she attacks the foul fiend.

After recruiting your new friends, put them through their paces with the introduction of the Fang of the Glacier ten-player dungeon. Alternatively, take them a trip into the heavens as the Tower of Infinity heads up to the 1,000th floor with stages 9,601 through 10,400 opening their lofty doors.

For those out there who have seen and done it all, there is a new, devilishly difficult mission to undertake; the Nightmare Stage mode. Only available after reaching the final stage, it will be a true task of your prowess. Complete it, and you will earn Medea and Elixirs to help your new friends grow in no time.

Finally, it is all of our favourite things; free stuff, lasting through till February 21st. The Sweet Valentine’s Carnival Event is dangling the Legendary Hero Bathory to get players to engage with it, and the new units Rakshasa and Xiao are sitting in the Rate-Up Event. You can also grab a host of gifts through the Lunar New Year Check-In Event, earning a Lucky Pouch and a Seven Knights Hero Selection Ticket just for logging in.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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