Peggle is probably one of the most time consuming games that I've ever played. My first run in with it was during the download period of the Orange Box through Steam on my PC. In anticipation for the games to be unlocked, we were treated to a Valve specific version of the game that honestly kept me so occupied, I think I continued to play it instead of switching over to the other games that I had just plopped $50 down for.

The game is pretty straight forward. You fire a ball onto the screen in an attempt to bounce it off and clear all the pegs orange pegs on the screen. There are blue pegs, the wall, and other obstacles that your ball will bounce off of to keep it moving around the level before the ball falls into the pit down bottom, either earning you a bonus or simply ending your turn. Sounds simple? Clearly you haven't given the game a try yet.

Joystiq confirmed yesterday that PopCap will be officially releasing Peggle for the iPhone and iPod Touch on Tuesday May 12th. No price has been disclosed yet unfortunately, but we're sure more information will be provided as we get closer to that date. In the words of James Ransom-Wiley of Joystiq, "This is no half-baked port." so expect great things from this game.

Peggle won many awards last year throughout numerous websites hailing it to be one of the greatest casual games in quite some time. If you haven't had a chance to play Peggle yet, we highly recommend you give the PC/Mac version a try. It will only heighten your addiction when the iPhone app is released.

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