Puzzle & Dragons has a history of wild crossovers, and its latest is no exception. The gates of hell are now open, and the cast of Devil May Cry have made their grand entrance into the world Puzzle & Dragons. The collaboration is set to run until July 26th.

You'll fight alongside Dante, Nero, Trish, Lady, and a host of other DMC faves in order to take down an encroaching darkness. They'll help you in battle and offer their powerful Assist Evolution weapons, such as Dante's Rebellion sword and iconic dual pistols – Ebony & Ivory.

Most of your time with the event will be spent working through its limited-time dungeon. The DMC Special Dungeon, as it's known, has five difficulty levels to pick from, as well as a tricky Skill-Up floor that guarantees skill level-ups for your new demon-slaying pals.

You can earn DMC Medals by progressing through the dungeon, and these can be exchanged for select characters from the Monster Exchange. The dungeon's final boss, Nefarious Usurper Urizen, is said to offer quite the challenge. Taking him down will net you additional pulls from the DMC Memorial EGG Machine and two Rainbow DMC Medals. Plus, everyone who logs in during the event will earn one free pull.

Puzzle & Dragons is available for download right now as a free-to-play game from both the App Store and Google Play.

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