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After studying film for four years, Cameron decided that he'd much rather spend his time rambling incessantly about video games.

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Unresolved is a hard-hitting narrative adventure set during the Lebanese Civil War

Posted by Cameron Bald on February 25th, 2020

Ghofran Akil's Unresolved in an upcoming text-based adventure game that sees you playing as a mother attempting to find her disappeared husband during the Lebanese Civil War.

Jamila lives with her children in a poor Lebanese neighbourhood that has suffered the full impact of the ongoing conflict.

Her husband, Nazih, is one of the 'enforced disappeared'; basically, someone who goes missing during a war. Their families often suffer the severe psychological damage that stems from a lack of closure or even recognition of their loved one's disappearance.

With Jamila now having to care for her children by herself, she'll have to make a number of challenging decisions.

Interestingly, the game eventually jumps forward in time to allow you to experience the world from the perspective of one of Jamila's children. Their personality and outlook will be dependant on the decisions you made as Jamila and how you treated them.

Unresolved sounds really quite harrowing, all told, but I'm definitely interested to hear more about it in the coming months. The game's release date is still unclear, but we do know that it's set to launch for mobile devices.

Marvel Strike Force introduces new brawlers from the X-Men and Iron Man series

Posted by Cameron Bald on February 21st, 2020

FoxNext's squad-based RPG Marvel Strike Force is set to receive some fresh characters from the X-Men and Iron Man series. They'll arrive as part of the game's latest update, which follows a sizable spending boycott on the title due to complaints regarding poor progression and mishandled IAPs.

Toad, who is described as a "slippery Controller", hails from the X-Men universe. His superpowered frog legs, gross tongue, and ability to excrete toxic goo make him one tricky combatant. He's able to debuff his rivals, causing them negative effects or clearing their own buffs. He can also team up with our next hero, Blob, for dangerous synergy attacks.

Blob is another member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. This plus-sized Protector is blessed with superhuman durability and strength. He's able to trap and expel objects using his gelatinous exterior, with his weight and ability to control gravity around him making him virtually unmovable. He makes use of taunts when his allies' health is low, and he can easily crush his foes using devastating AOE attacks.

Last, but by no means least, is Ironheart. Riri Williams (aka Ironheart) is a teenage genius who managed to reverse engineer an old version of Iron Man's suit. She's a Blaster capable of blowing her enemies to bits at a moment's notice.

A number of heroes have also gained all-new abilities, including Iron Man, War Machine, Magneto, Juggernaut, and more.

Marvel Strike Force is available for download now as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play.

Fast-paced multiplayer title Tennis Stars: Ultimate Clash hits iOS and Android

Posted by Cameron Bald on February 20th, 2020

Tennis Stars: Ultimate Clash is the latest free-to-play tennis title to hit iOS and Android. It's said to be a fairly casual experience, offering easy-to-learn controls and fast-paced, mobile-friendly matches.

Its focus is on competitive multiplayer bouts where you'll use basic touchscreen swipes to aim and charge up your shots. It's going for a lighthearted tone, though I find the character models to be more terrifying than humorous – those giant, dead eyes stare straight into my soul.

Matchmaking here is incredibly fast, and the game promises almost no lag during heated matches. You'll also be able to chat to your opponents in real-time, just be sure to keep things civil.

As you continue to progress, you'll unlock new cards that can then be traded for characters or skill upgrades. Your talents on the court should also gradually improve, especially your mastery of power shots.

If you're looking for a challenge, there are weekly tournaments to take part in. Matches here take place across the world in cities ranging from New York to London to Melbourne.

If Tennis Stars: Ultimate Clash sounds like a good time to you, you'll find it available for download now as a free-to-play title from over on Google Play and the App Store.

Mario Kart Tour's Vancouver Tour has arrived, adding Aurora Rosalina and Hiker Wario

Posted by Cameron Bald on February 12th, 2020

With Mario Kart Tour's Valentine's Tour now at an end (suspiciously before Valentine's Day has even arrived), it's now time to move on to the all-new and exciting Vancouver Tour. This time around, the featured drivers are Hiker Wario and Aurora Rosalina, and they both look pretty neat.

According to a recent tweet posted on the game's Twitter, Aurora Rosalina is "totally out of this world", and you better believe that she's happy to make her grand MK Tour debut in such a dazzling dress.

It also says something about her being fast like a shooting star, presumably meaning she'll embarrass her opponents/ex-friends, ruining their harmless karting fun by lapping them a practically endless number of times before their feet have even touched the accelerator.

The Vancouver Tour is set to run until February 25th, giving you around two weeks to get stuck in and hopefully have a good time with the new tracks and drivers.

If you're yet to give it a go, you'll find Mario Kart Tour available for download now as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play. Oh, and if you're in need of some friends for challenges or multiplayer, our sister site Pocket Gamer has over 20,000 friend codes available for you to add at your leisure. Be sure to add your own in the comments.

Alley is an atmospheric adventure game available now for iOS and Android

Posted by Cameron Bald on February 10th, 2020

Alley is an atmospheric adventure game that sees you playing as a young girl trapped in an inescapable nightmare. Surrounded by her worst fears, every step forward for her is a huge challenge that you'll help guide her through using some simple controls and your own smarts to outwit the many traps and shadows that lie ahead.

While most of the game is fairly slow and relaxed, there will be times when you're going to have to react quickly to traverse the maze safely. For example, spider webs can prove deadly if you can't escape them in time.

The further you get, the higher your score will grow, so there's an element of high-score chasing fun to it all despite the mellow tone. Progress is made whenever you find a new memory or star, and there are also helpful items to collect along the way such as shields and 'jars of starts', which I'm assuming act as an extra life.

You'll be able to disguise yourself in a total of 29 distinct outfits. These can be bought using the stars found throughout each level. Using your handy dandelion, you might just find hidden scenes – and even a bonus stage – that flesh out the game's world.

If you're in the market for something a little different, Alley is available right now as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play.

Hidden Survivor from Joy Brick is a hide-and-seek survival game for Android and iOS

Posted by Cameron Bald on February 5th, 2020
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Joy Brick's Hidden Survivor is an interesting title of two halves: part story-focused survival experience, part intense hide-and-seek multiplayer game. Both elements come together to form a compellingly strange and enjoyable whole.

The hide-and-seek arena battles task you with scouring your surroundings for useful items. Knowing when to use these items is key to remaining successful and earning as many points as possible.

The twist is that you can disguise yourself as any object in the level, hopefully allowing you to go unnoticed when one of your rivals becomes the player-hunting 'Seeker'. As the match progresses, certain areas of the level will grow dangerous to linger in, causing you damage over time.

Stupid Zombies 4 is an upcoming trick-shot shooter for iOS and Android

Posted by Cameron Bald on February 4th, 2020

The Stupid Zombies are preparing to make their grand return to iOS and Android in the fourth instalment of the hugely popular trick-shot shooter series. If you missed out on the earlier games, the basic idea is that you have to bounce bullets around the scenery to take out as many zombies as possible using fairly limited supplies.

Having not played the earlier entries in the series, it's interesting to find that they've proved so incredibly popular. The third entry even had a major crossover with Techland's Dying Light.

Stupid Zombies 4 is set to offer a variety of mission types and an eclectic arsenal of weapons to master. You'll collect coins to unlock new heroes and gradually work your way up to become an absolute zombie-killing machine.

Our review of the third game was mostly positive, with reviewer Rob Rich arguing that it offered a good deal of fun despite being more of the same and in some ways a step back for the series. His main issue stemmed from Stupid Zombies 3's removal of the smart puzzles that made the earlier games a hoot.

If you're a fan of the series and want to see where GameResort takes it next, you'll find Stupid Zombies 4 available for pre-registration now from both the App Store and Google Play.

Pew Pew Planet is a fast-paced, space-based shooter for iOS and Android

Posted by Cameron Bald on February 3rd, 2020

Pew Pew Planet is a space-based shooter that sees you controlling a fleet of 'Guardian' spaceships to push back against the alien hordes. After being announced late last year, the game is now available as a free-to-play title for both iOS and Android.

The basic idea is that you need to time your blasts to hit the aliens as they circle around a planet. Controls are simple, requiring you to tap the screen to fire your ship's weapons. It's very casual and easy to get into.

The combat is complicated slightly by the addition of power-ups and a rapid-fire mode called 'Hyper Mode'. You'll start out with a fairly basic arsenal before unlocking fun boomerangs and other such weird weaponry. Wisely utilising every mechanic and tactic available to you is a great way to earn yourself a spot on the daily leaderboards.

While flying around, you'll need to carefully avoid bumping into any stray bombs and the planet itself. There are collectables to hunt down and earn, and you'll unlock new ships as you continue to progress. There are over 30 of them at launch.

If you fancy the look of Pew Pew Planet, you'll find it available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

Ultimate Reality is an inventive and stylish beat 'em up for Android

Posted by Cameron Bald on January 29th, 2020

Ultimate Reality from developer LinkUp Games is a hyper-stylish pixel art beat-'em-up that sees you fighting crime as a masked vigilante. Drake Smith is wise beyond his years, something that often gets him in trouble. Now, he's only gone and created a device that allows for travel between various dimensions.

After stumbling upon a mystical artefact, Drake realises that someone out there is attempting to destroy every known dimension, which is just no good. Cue a dimension-hopping, side-scrolling adventure through a series of gorgeous pixel-art environments.

Your newfound abilities allow you to fight off hordes of nasty enemies and crush various bosses along the way. You'll have five unique suits to test out, all with their own distinct fighting styles. For example, one might allow you to be more acrobatic, while another may give you enhanced combat skills.

The core battles sound fairly layered, with lots of combos, gadgets, and finishers at your disposal. If need be, you can get right up in your rival's face or blast them from afar with a ranged weapon.

At launch, there are ten dimensional abilities to unlock that grant you different physical properties. You can create decoy versions of yourself or boost your speed at a moment's notice. The game's world is said to be varied – full of puzzles to solve and baddies to beat. One level might see you traversing a sprawling gravitational factory, while the next may be set among the urban skylines.

Ultimate Reality sounds like a great time for superhero fans or lovers of a good multiverse tale. You'll find it available for download now from over on Google Play.

Rogue Marine is an intense roguelike card-battler for Android

Posted by Cameron Bald on January 27th, 2020

Rogue Marine from developer Rungo Games is an intense roguelike card-battler that sees you playing as a badass space marine. You'll battle to work your way through each individual sector as you attempt to escape deadly alien invaders, unhinged troopers, and rogue bots.

The core gameplay is inspired by the card game Solitaire. One of its biggest challenges stems from making smart use of your suit's limited power. Once you eat through it all, you'll start losing all-important health at an alarming rate.

Thankfully, new weapons and special upgrades can be collected over time and switched out with ease. Again, though, you'll need to be smart about what you pick up and when you use it – you've only got three item/weapon slots, after all.

Each run is said to be varied and fast-paced; perfect for on-the-go play. The developer is also clearly proud of the game's atmospheric sound design, suggesting that you use headphones for a more optimal, immersive experience. And with over 30 tricky missions to take on, you're potentially looking at a great many hours of playtime if you wish to prove your mastery of the game's combat.

For a more thorough look at the game's systems, I'd advise checking out the developer's walkthrough embedded above. If Rogue Marine sounds like the card-battler for you, you'll find it available for purchase now from Google Play.

Mario Kart Tour's Ice Tour races towards launch today

Posted by Cameron Bald on January 14th, 2020

Can you believe Mario Kart Tour is already on its 9th tour? The game only launched back in September, and since then it's become increasingly tricky to keep on top of the amount of new content Nintendo is pumping out.

The Ice Tour is set to begin today at 10pm PT, and it'll add a handful of new racers – two of which have already been teased in a tweet from last week. You can clearly see in the tweet below that one of the racers is either Mario or Luigi in the cute penguin costume from New Super Mario Bros. Wii and later New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

The second racer appears to be another version of Peach, which is fine by me. The Ice Tour will presumably offer the usual gacha rewards for standard players and more premium stuff for Gold Pass subscribers. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, though.

The New Year's Tour will soon come to an end, so make sure to get all the rewards you can before the Ice Tour kicks off later today. Of course, there's a chance that the New Year's Tour rewards will appear again at a later date.

Pocket Gamer, our sister site, has amassed a list of over 20,000 friend codes, which is super handy if you're looking to complete challenges or build up your in-game friend list for any reason.

And if you're yet to take Mario Kart Tour for a spin, you'll find it available for download now from over on the App Store and Google Play.

Marvel Future Fight's latest update adds all-new team of heroes known as the 'Warriors of the Sky'

Posted by Cameron Bald on January 12th, 2020

Marvel Future Fight's latest update has added an all-new team of heroes to recruit and do battle with. The 'Warriors of the Sky' include Blue Dragon, War Tiger, Sun Bird, and Shadow Shell. As is the norm, each character comes with their own unique powers to master and backstories to explore.

They were first revealed all the way back in October during Thailand Game Show, so fans have had a fairly sizable wait on their hands. The team is noteworthy for being an entirely original creation for the game, with its members all hailing from different parts of Asia. You can read more about them over on IGN.

In addition to the new hero team, the update also introduces 'Potential Awaken', which is a system that allows heroes to unlock new active skills for use in combat. Those capable of awakening hidden potential can be developed by meeting specific in-game growth conditions.

On top of all that, fresh system content has arrived for story missions, with the aim being to "enhance the story's delivery and excitement to Agents". And for those who like to look their best, new costumes for Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and more have been added.

Other improvements include:

  • Crescent Upgrade – Crescent can be upgraded to Tier-3 to unlock new ultimate skills
  • Unlock 'Realize Potential' feature - Blue Dragon, War Tiger, Sun Bird, Shadow Shell, Songbird, White Tiger, Wiccan, Hulkling and Squirrel Girl
  • Other Updates – Enhanced Equipment and Custom Gear for game convenience

If you fancy testing out the Warriors of the Sky, you'll find Marvel Future Fight available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

Cultist Simulator's Dancer DLC launches for iOS and Android on January 22nd

Posted by Cameron Bald on January 8th, 2020

Cultist Simulator's Dancer DLC is set to launch for iOS and Android on January 22nd. It revolves around the occult cabaret known as the 'Ecdysis Club', where "the distinction between pleasure and pain is as delicate and essential as the human skin". The announcement arrived over on developerWeather Factory's Twitter account.

In this story-focused DLC, you'll take on the role of a dancer at the club and gradually rise to fame. Interestingly, certain dances can only be performed in "far places", while others can't be performed when in "human shape". It's all very strange, but that's very much part of the appeal.

If you're yet to give Cultist Simulator a try, it's a neat roguelike card game that serves up a ton of Lovecraftian storytelling goodness.

Campbell reviewed the game at launch, finding its obtuse nature to be both fascinating and a tad overwhelming. It's definitely very different, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a game that offers as many strange encounters and weird ideas.

Those brave enough to give it a go will find Cultist Simulator available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium game priced at £6.99 or $6.99. The Dancer DLC is priced at £1.99 or $1.99.

Death Comes True releases a new character profile for "murder enthusiast" Nene Kurushima

Posted by Cameron Bald on January 6th, 2020

Death Comes True is an FMV murder mystery from Kazutaka Kodaka, the creator of Danganronpa. It sees you playing as an amnesiac young man, called Makoto Karaki, who wakes up in a mysterious hotel to find that he's being hunted for a series of murders he doesn't remember committing.

To make things even stranger for the poor guy, he now inexplicably has the ability to "time leap" and return to the past. The trade-off is that he can only trigger his new skill when he dies. Time leaping allows you to redo certain encounters to see alternate outcomes.

Character profiles for specific members of the cast have been released periodically over on the game's official site. As first spotted by Gematsu, the latest is for a young woman called Nene Kurushima, who is described as "an eccentric girl that happens to be staying in the hotel. She’s a murder enthusiast and a self-proclaimed fan of the serial killer, Makoto Karaki".

Kodaka is credited as director and writer on Death Comes True, and there's no denying he's shown skill at executing similar tales in the past. Killer7, The Evil Within, and Danganronpa series composer Masafumi Takada is working on the game's soundtrack.

You'll find more info, including several other character profiles, on the game's site. Death Comes True is set to hit iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Conflict Digital is an AR strategy game where you create combat units to take on pixelated enemies

Posted by Cameron Bald on December 30th, 2019

Conflict Digital is an upcoming AR strategy game that sees you assembling and deploying defences to push back a varied selection of tricky enemies.

A mysterious pixelated menace has quietly invaded the real world, and it's up to you and your reverse-engineered pixelated technology to stop the threat and save the day. It's all about building defences and finding elaborate ways to stop the enemies in their tracks.

You'll first have to gather and trade resources with which to build your units. There are combat bots and physical barriers that you can deploy on the battlefield to funnel enemies or block their path. You can also move the barriers and even throw them around if need be.

It sounds like a decent AR strategy game with the potential to serve up the odd intense combat scenario. If you're interested in learning more, the developer has been putting out progress showcases over on itch.io. You can also follow the game's development by checking out the dev's Twitter account.