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After studying film for four years, Cameron decided that he'd much rather spend his time rambling incessantly about video games.

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Marvel Contest of Champions' Rise of X motion comic teases Professor X and Apocalypse

Posted by Cameron Bald on September 1st, 2020

Marvel Contest of Champions has teased the impending arrival of Professor X and Apocalypse via an all-new motion comic by the name of Rise of X. Both characters are currently expected to land this month.

The game's latest update includes a number of balance changes, bug fixes, and more. Full patch notes can be seen right here.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle launches special worldwide campaign based on the Majin Buu saga

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 31st, 2020

Bandai Namco has just launched a special worldwide campaign within its action-puzzler Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. This introduces a new story event inspired by the anime's Majin Buu saga, as well as the chance to summon Goku & Vegeta (Angel) and Majin Buu (Gotenks) for a limited time only.

The campaign will run for five weeks in total, and once every seven days, you'll be able to take part in a special event where you can earn up to 100 dragon stones.

Tintin Match brings story-driven match-3 puzzling to iOS and Android next week

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 26th, 2020

Tintin Match is an all-new match-3 puzzler from 5th Planet Games and Moulinsart that carries you along on a globetrotting adventure alongside Herge's Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock. It's currently expected to launch for iOS and Android next Monday, August 31st.

This one's said to be a story-driven puzzler where you'll complete colourful puzzles rooted within the Tintin universe. It's full of well-known characters and locations from the books, and it's all rendered in a friendly art style that feels in line with the source material.

SINoALICE welcomes the Three Little Pigs into its twisted world

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 25th, 2020

The Three Little Pigs have arrived in the world of Yoko Taro's SINoALICE as part of the game's latest update. This also introduces a host of fresh story chapters to work through for existing characters Sleeping Beauty, Gretel, and Red Riding Hood.

SINoALICE launched globally back in July and has since received several updates adding fresh missions, characters, and more. Most notable were the two separate Nier events – one for Nier: Automata, the other for Nier: Replicant.

Animal Farm is getting a video game adaptation from an all-star cast of indie talent

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 18th, 2020

George Orwell's classic novella Animal Farm is set to receive a video game adaptation from developers Nerial and The Dairymen. It's being written by Failbetter Games Creative Director Emily Short.

Nerial is of course the team behind the Reigns series, and Animal Farm will seemingly offer a similar style of decision-based adventuring. The basic idea is that you can decide which of the animals to follow and ultimately influence key events on the farm.

Genshin Impact, the Breath of the Wild-inspired open-world RPG, launches for iOS & Android this September

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 18th, 2020

Genshin Impact, developer miHoYo's Breath of the Wild-inspired RPG adventure, finally has a confirmed release date for iOS, Android, and PC – September 28th.

This one takes a ton of inspiration from BOTW while serving up an anime-style cast and a totally different type of combat system. I've now played the game a couple of times during its various betas, and it's always been good fun. Its open world, fast-paced action, and heavy emphasis on plot allow it to work well as both a sandbox adventure game and a somewhat traditional JRPG.

Robotics! lets you build the battle robot of your dreams

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 13th, 2020

Robotics! is the latest release from Zeptolab, the company behind Cut the Rope. It's a creative action game where you'll use a selection of spare parts and weapons to build the battle robot of your dreams.

Once you've got everything assembled, it's time to teach your creation how to move and fight. By tapping and dragging different parts of your bot, you can teach it fairly complex manoeuvres that it can then repeat. Then it's a case of sending them into battle against other players' robots.

Scrappers receives a major update that adds fresh gameplay features and a host of improvements

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 11th, 2020

Q-Games' Scrappers has received a fairly sizeable new update that adds fresh gameplay features and a host of quality-of-life tweaks.

If you missed it at launch, this one's an interesting beat 'em up where you'll work to collect garbage off the streets while being attacked by angry locals. Now, can do so with a cute little robot dog by your side. They can help you out and keep your stack combo count going, much like a co-op partner would in the multiplayer mode. That said, the dog isn't able to fend off attackers or take down your enemies.

On top of that, an overclock bot will now enter the level periodically. Attacking its fiery bubble will cause your character's speed to increase while giving your stacking limit and attack power a handy buff. The bot can also be used in co-op.

SINoALICE's latest update introduces Young Nier, Kaine, and Young Emil

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 7th, 2020

SINoALICE's latest update has now arrived, adding several fan-favourite characters from popular RPG series NieR. Young Nier, Kaine, and Young Emil are available in-game as part of a limited-time crossover event set to run until August 20th.

All you have to do to net yourself Young Nier as a gift is log in during the event. The character will then appear in your present box once you've completed the tutorial.

Marvel Contest of Champions' latest motion comic shows off Air-Walker and Dragon Man

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 6th, 2020

Marvel Contest of Champions' latest motion comic has arrived, and it shows off new fighters Air-Walker and Dragon Man. Both characters are set to arrive in-game this month.

Dragon Man was once a lifeless android, though he was eventually brought to life by Professor Gregson Gilbert. From there, he moved from being a hero to a villain and back again, always being manipulated to do the bidding of others. Thankfully, Dragon Man was eventually upgraded to the point where he could think for himself and become a powerful protector of those in need.

Hyena Squad is sci-fi turn-based strategy game blasting onto iOS next month

Posted by Cameron Bald on August 2nd, 2020

Wave Light Games has just revealed its latest release, Hyena Squad, a turn-based RPG set in a space station infested by gross aliens and the living dead. The announcement was first reported on by Touch Arcade.

Hyena Squad looks to take some of the best elements from the developer's earlier games – the layered combat, sense of place, and mobile-friendly design – and finetune the lot. You can expect 12 tricky combat missions to take on in total, with each serving up its own unique challenges to face and objectives to achieve.

Endless runner Monster Dash will relaunch this month in select regions

Posted by Cameron Bald on July 28th, 2020

Remember Monster Dash? Well, it's set to return to a mobile device near you after having been pulled from stores in 2017 to meet GDPR compliance. This one first launched all the way back in August of 2010. Over ten years later, it's heading into soft-launch in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The game stars Barry Steakfries, which has to be one of the finest video game character names of all. His job is to clear out shambling zombie hordes by jumping, blasting, and dodging his way through a series of stylish levels.

Auto Battle Chess is a colourful genre splice that aims to offer the best auto chess experience to date

Posted by Cameron Bald on July 27th, 2020

Auto Battle Chess is an interesting hodgepodge of genres that aims to offer the ultimate auto chess experience. That's a pretty tall order, though with the game now out for Android, I suppose we don't have to wait to see if it lives up to its promise.

So, Auto Battle Chess is said to pull from no less than 8 genres: RPG, strategy, turn-based strategy, auto chess, idle RPG, CCG, MMO, and AFK. Goodness me.

The idea is that you'll command a team of distinct heroes while training them up, unlocking their advanced abilities, and earning new equipment to wear into battle. Some of the heroes on offer include brave knights, divine deities, elementals, elder dragons, and more. At launch, there are over 100 to add to your roster.

Mr Marshmallow is a physics-based matching game with a charming presentation

Posted by Cameron Bald on July 20th, 2020

Mr Marshmallow is a cute little game about popping as many marshmallows as you can by tilting your device and causing them to bunch up. Once two or more of the same type are connected, you can then tap one of them and cause an explosive chain reaction.

At its core, it's a physics-based matching game, though what really makes it stand out is its hand-drawn art style. This has become the go-to look for developer Shugo Studios, with the developer's previous games – Sketch Wars: Tower Defence and Running Santa – also boasting a similar style of presentation.

Puzzle & Dragons welcomes the cast of Devil May Cry to its world for a limited-time event

Posted by Cameron Bald on July 14th, 2020

Puzzle & Dragons has a history of wild crossovers, and its latest is no exception. The gates of hell are now open, and the cast of Devil May Cry have made their grand entrance into the world Puzzle & Dragons. The collaboration is set to run until July 26th.

You'll fight alongside Dante, Nero, Trish, Lady, and a host of other DMC faves in order to take down an encroaching darkness. They'll help you in battle and offer their powerful Assist Evolution weapons, such as Dante's Rebellion sword and iconic dual pistols – Ebony & Ivory.

Most of your time with the event will be spent working through its limited-time dungeon. The DMC Special Dungeon, as it's known, has five difficulty levels to pick from, as well as a tricky Skill-Up floor that guarantees skill level-ups for your new demon-slaying pals.