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So you've just downloaded Paradise Bay and you're trying to figure out where to start? If you’re used to King’s usual output, you might be surprised at what’s here. Don’t worry, because we have a selection of tips and tricks to help get you started!

Resource Gathering

  • Keep those fields used at all times. Always be growing cotton or bamboo. They grow quickly and they’re always useful when constructing ropes, wooden boards, or nets. Never leave anything empty and unused for long.
  • You get more farm plots for every time you level up. Maximise that and always have the most plots available to you.
  • Try to keep those plots together. It’ll make it quicker for you to grab everything and when you’re doing it frequently every day, those seconds soon add up.
  • Don’t just stockpile the raw materials. Stockpile what they can make. Ensure you’ve always got things like nets or wooden boards at the ready. It’ll save you time in the long run. Always keep busy. If your workshop or plot isn't producing then you're effectively losing money.
  • Look out for treasure chests. They’re scattered around the land, often popping up when you least expect them. By tapping on one, you’ll gain experience, gold coins, and maybe even a useful item or gems.
  • You can get free gems by completing achievements. Focus on doing that. It’ll help you progress in the game generally anyway, giving you some focus on what needs doing.

Making Forward Steps

  • Trading is important. You’ve got limited storage space for one thing, but also trading is a fast way to make money and gain experience. Don’t hoard everything.
  • Some trades aren’t worth your time. It’s the kind of thing you’ll learn through practising, but you’ll soon understand what products make the most profit and how best you should go about it.
  • Use Wesley’s Exports when you just need some money quickly, and you’re not too fussed about maximizing your profit margin. It’s particularly handy when you just want to free up storage space for more important things.
  • Levelling up is immensely useful as it gives you new things to build, unlocks new places, and clears more land for expansion. Make it your priority.
  • Invest in new ways to make money rather than expanding what’s already there. That means there are always extra ways to profit, and spreading yourself thin pays off better than specializing.
  • Keep folks happy. By fulfilling the needs of the villagers, your favor meter gradually builds up. Once it’s full, they’ll give you a chest full of rewards as a way of saying thank you for all your hard work. Plus, simply chatting to them can be pretty interesting, providing a kind of story to events.
  • Bear in mind when you’re going to be away from the game. Set up long production times just before you log out. That way you won’t be wasting time watching things slowly complete. You also won’t be tempted to use up gems to speed things along.

Paradise Bay

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