Ossian Studios is very familiar with RPGs, having developed two games for the Neverwinter Nights franchise. Therefore I'm eager to hear more about their just-announced RPG for iPhone: "The Shadow Sun," a 3-D RPG that obviously draws from genre classics. CEO Alan Miranda writes that The Shadow Sun will "bring together the high adventure of classic D&D, combat inspired by Fable, Zelda, and The Witcher, and the fear of otherworldly horrors of H.P. Lovecraft."

The Shadow Sun's world and plot is hinted at in this snippet:

This is a world in which magic is wielded by only a few, where a cataclysm a millennium ago still fuels hostilities between the civilizations that remain, and where much of the lands beyond the fringes of human settlement remain a deadly unknown. It is also a world that has felt an alien touch upon its sun, shrouding it in ever-increasing shadow with consequences that are only now becoming horrifically apparent.

The game is rich in promised features that will feel familiar to any RPG fan: the ability to become a hero or a villain, combat featuring both magic and traditional weapons, fighting companions who may join you in your journey, and of course a story packed with "intrigue" and "shocking surprises."

The real question is how well Ossian will fit these elements together while creating a game (and a story, for that matter) that still manages to stand out. I'm still longing for a real, complex 3D RPG experience on my iPhone...perhaps The Shadow Sun will be another step in that direction. Expect to see it sometime in late 2010.

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