The classic RPG genre comes in various forms, but Alchemy Stars have managed to produce an entirely new spin. This exciting game is set to release for both iOS and Android on June 17, escalating the excitement that precedes its pre-registration.

Alchemy Stars is a highly anticipated strategy RPG with a unique connection mechanic that already boasts more than 1 million sign-ups.

The one-of-a-kind approach you’ll see in Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast features colorful tiles designed to create various combos when connected, enabling characters to unleash powerful attacks upon enemies. But that’s just one part of the game. You also have other elements that make Alchemy Stars special.

The stunning anime art features full Live2D graphics, created by 150 famous artists. And with an immense roster of characters, there is much to look forward to.

Players can interact with characters, form bonds and give gifts to improve the relationships between them and learn more about the fascinating storylines in the game.

Intriguing conflicts between the peaceful races of Aurorians and Caelestites against the Eclipsites unfold as you fight your way through the game. Download Alchemy Stars from Google Play Store or App Store now and experience all the secrets in the world of Astra.

To provide the best gaming experience, the U.S. version of Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast is also available on both iOS and Android. Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast provides players a different internal game package.

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