How to get four NFL superstars for your Madden NFL Mobile team

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 26th, 2016
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Even though you're probably well on your way to building a top notch squad for the new season in Madden NFL Mobile, let's say you could beef it up by adding Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Von Miller, and Todd Gurley to your roster. That's something I imagine would interest you.

It's not hypothetical either, but something you can actually do thanks to the Madden Season Blitz events going on right now in Madden NFL Mobile. It will require some effort on your part over the next two weeks, but if you act now and play often, you could snag elite versions of one or more of these stars before the real NFL season kicks off.

Instead of simply telling you about it, we'll actually tell you how to do it too.

Acquire the Preseason versions of the four players

Possibly because they aren't quite in game shape yet, you'll find the Preseason cards for Gronk, Brown, Miller, and Girley aren't quite as imposing as they'll become -- though they are Gold players, so still not too shabby, especially if you are just diving into the new season.

You can win one of the Preseason players in the Madden Season event, which is a four-part series. To get others, you'll need to acquire Madden Training items by playing those same events. Note that even though the game doesn't indicate it, those events are repeatable, meaning you can keep playing them while they are active and earn a Madden Training item for each win.

Then head to Sets and tap the 'Madden Season' tab. You'll see the preseason players right at the top, and all you need to do is trade five Madden Training items in to grab one of your choice.

Keep playing those Madden Season Blitz events ... a lot

To unlock the full potential of your players, you'll want to convert them into their Season Ready forms. Doing so is easy but time-consuming, as you'll need the Preseason player plus 175 Madden Training items (yes, you read that right) to trade in for a Season Ready version.

What that means is that you'll want to play the Madden Season Blitz events as often as possible over the next two weeks. Again, they're repeatable, so concentrating all of your efforts on attaining Madden Training items should be your main goal.

Can you get one or more of the quartet of superstars Season Ready in time? It's certainly possible, but you'll want to get going on that right now.

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