Haegin has announced the arrival of new features to its casual social network game Play Together. Players will be able to ready their pickaxes and mine for some gems, before crafting them into a whole host of furniture, clothing, and more.

As you explore Kaia Island you may notice a few new landmarks popping up across all areas such as the Camping ground and around people’s homes. These are ore veins, which everybody will be able to gather from with a pickaxe or a hammer. You can grab yourselves materials such as iron, copper, and gold, or even rubies and diamonds. These can be traded for currency or can be used in the new crafting feature.

While all this sounds never fun and interesting, there is one big caveat to the crafting system. While you can make yourselves some lovely costumes and furniture, you are only able to craft up to three items per try, and each item has its own time to complete. It does put a damper on those who like to make everything, and time systems are never fun, but it could always be worse.

To celebrate these new features you can take part in a few new missions that revolve around meteorites that have plummeted from the sky. As you complete these you will be rewarded with Crypticium, a mysterious material that will be able to be crafted into items like a lamp, a chair, or even a suit and cape, which sounds pretty nice and shiny.

If you take a look at the Line Friends Store, you will be able to see a host of new items from the collaboration with the digital IP platform IPX. These include the adorable new Line Friends mini, which will be under the former Line Friends section. Any visitor to the store will receive a free Ienini Balloon, so it’s worth checking out just for that.

Anyone looking to escape into a virtual world with friends should download Play Together now from the App Store and Google Play.

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