Genshin Impact - Progression Guide (Adventure Ranks 45-50)

Posted by Campbell Bird on January 25th, 2021
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Chances are, if you've made it to Adventure Rank 45 in Genshin Impact, you don't necessarily need a guide on what to do. It's clear you've got a good enough adventurer team, know the general grind, and have mopped up just about every story quest you can get your hands on.

If this doesn't sound like you, maybe you should back up and read our previous progression guides before hopping into this one. For this entry in our Genshin Impact Adventurer's Guide, we'll be outlining some of the finer points of the game that we wish we knew about earlier so as to ease resource management concerns that come up in this endgame state. Read on below to learn more.

Farm those artifacts

Once you hit Adventure Rank 45, you gain access to artifact domains that guarantee five-star artifact drops. These rewards are now your primary ticket to fully unlocking your adventurers' potential. With stat modifiers that can boost character attributes by upwards of half their base value, you'll want to make sure everyone you plan on building up has their own proper set of artifacts to maximize their abilities.

Artifact farming is a job that is almost never done in Genshin Impact, as the stats on artifact drops are randomly generated. It can take many successful runs to finally come across one piece that makes sense to put on one of your adventurers, and--even then--the artifact's substats might be less than ideal.

As a general tip, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good when it comes to artifacts. Get the main stats on artifact sets right for a character and feel free to level them up to max. You'll still notice the difference, and it will make things all the easier when you eventually decide to go back to running artifact domains in search of better ones.

Ascend level 80 characters and leave it at that

At Adventure Rank 50, you can ascend and level characters up to level 90. Feel free to do the ascensions, but you might want to hold off on leveling any characters all the way up. I say this because the final 10 levels for any adventurer requires an extraordinary amount of experience, which is a good way to lose precious experience books that might be better used bringing up new and existing adventurers down the road.

In addition to the savings, there's just not much need to have max leveled characters in Genshin Impact. Anyone with decent artifacts at level 80 can perform swimmingly across any of the content offered in the game to-date. If you simply ascend, you can also continue earning experience whenever you kill enemies. The experience you generate from this is a pittance, but it adds up and allows you to appreciate reaching new milestones with characters you've already invested so much in without squandering your resources.

Forge ores daily

In addition to artifacts, weapons become an increasingly important factor in maximizing character potential in Genshin Impact. Getting good weapons isn't just a thing that happens, though. You either need to get lucky and craft weapons from prototype drops off of weekly bosses or get lucky pulling on the gacha. Then, you need to invest in the gear by farming their ascension materials and then feeding them ore.

Earlier in Genshin Impact's progression, enhancement ore feels like a nearly unlimited resource, but at higher adventure ranks, you have to invest heavily in weapons to see them yield meaningful dividends, which can put you in short supply quickly. Luckily, reaching reputation level two for Mondstadt and Liyue unlocks the ability to ask weaponsmiths to mark ore veins on your map. Make sure you mine these often and forge enhancement ores from them every day, since your ability to do this is limited over time.

Each day, you are only allowed to forge 30 enhancement ores, so you don't want to find yourself in a situation where you're all primed to max level a weapon only to discover you're days or weeks away from forging enough ore to actually get there. Start stockpiling now!

Continue reputation quests

Speaking of reputation levels, it's possible that at these high Adventure Ranks that you've already maximized your reputation in both Mondstadt and Liyue. If you're in this position, it is still advisable to take on weekly bounties and requests. These activities all give a decent chunk of Mora as a reward, and Mora is always something you can use more of.

Bounties and requests are also some of the only missions in Genshin Impact that don't have a resin requirement or are one-time missions as part of the game's overall story. This makes them a good thing to pursue at this stage when there's not much of anything else to do.

Become a bug collector

I didn't really ever farm materials in earlier Adventure Ranks, but I do recommend farming crystal flies and fireflies in Genshin Impact whenever possible. With crytal flies, you can craft condensed resin, which is a huge time-saver on running artifact and other domains (as it acts to double your rewards on successful domain completions).

As for fireflies, the luminescent spines you harvest from them are useful for crafting portable waypoints, which are single-use items you can start making after reaching reputation level six in Mondstadt. Both of these items are extremely convenient, but you have to have a constant supply of crystal flies and fireflies to make them.

Stop rolling randomly

If you haven't stopped already, it's probably worth taking a break from Genshin Impact's virtual slot machine for a little bit. The cascade of Primogems you got from story content is now non-existent, so you'll want to be more strategic of when, how, and why you pull on the gacha.

Good reasons to resume pulls can be found in this handy guide, but keep in mind that at an Adventure Rank this high you've basically already proven your ability to handle anything Genshin Impact can throw at you with what you currently have. New characters or weapons can now be resource-sinks that may or may not be worth it. As a result, it might be better to stockpile Primogems until a character or weapon comes along that you really feel is a necessary addition to your collection. With your hoarded currency, you'll also have a better chance at getting those things you actually want.

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