Genshin Impact - Lost Riches Guide

Posted by Campbell Bird on January 13th, 2021
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As the Albedo banner and freshness of the new Dragonspine region begin to wane, a new event rears its head in Genshin Impact that promises an extremely rare reward. This event, known as Lost Riches, has you playing treasure hunter, collecting Iron Coins all across Teyvat which you can then exchange in a special shop for Primogems, Mora, and--believe it or not--your own pet Seelie.

The video above shows all the treasure hunting sequences available to-date, including the Iron Coin locations and a peek at the special co-op challenges that can crop up as you're treasure hunting. As more Lost Riches locations open up, we'll post more footage of where to find all the Iron Coin locations so you can maximize your rewards.

The event itself is really straightforward, so there aren't too many tips outside of "wander until you find everything." If you're wondering whether Lost Riches is worth your time, the answer is an easy yes. Even if you don't care about indulging in Genshin Impact's entree into cosmetic items (i.e. the pet seelie that will simply float around you), the event store has 300 Primogems, 10 Hero's Wits, 20 Mystic Enhancement Ores, and 20,000 Mora for the taking. All of this for wandering around and digging up Iron Coins? Hard not to see it as a sweet deal.

Lost Richest: Areas 1-6

Lost Riches: Areas 7 & 8

Lost Riches: Areas 9 & 10

Lost Riches: Areas 11 & 12

Lost Riches: Areas 13 & 14

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