Genshin Impact Guide - How to Beat Stormterror

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 15th, 2020
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If you've followed our progression guide for Genshin Impact up to Adventure Rank 25, you have reached the point where you can face off against Stormterror on a weekly basis for some pretty sweet rewards. Beating this deadly dragon isn't as easy as it is in the story mission when you got a loaner Venti to dish out damage for you, though, so you'll need to go into the fight with a plan.

Regardless of who is on your adventurer team, Stormterror is beatable, particularly if you read his attack patterns and know how to react to them. See above for a video showing a successful run and read on for some tips on how to do it yourself.

Team composition is key

Although you absolutely do not need top-tier characters to clear Stormterror, bringing a balanced set of adventurers that meet your needs is essential. See here for tips on how to build a quality team.

For Stormterror specifically, I recommend bringing a couple of high damage-dealers (one for burst damage and one who can sustain high damage per second, or DPS) and a healer in case you get caught by some attacks. For your fourth member, you can shoot for someone who grants elemental resonance, helps with energy regen, or is someone you just like bringing along with you.

Stormterror's attacks

Stormterror is a pretty predictable boss in the sense that he has five or so attacks that he cycles through, and only one of these is somewhat difficult to avoid. The first attack is almost always a dive at the screen across the platform you're standing on. This is easy to dodge as you can dash right through it. Just make sure to get your timing right.

This is followed by attacks where Stormterror perches on your platform either to launch a quick strike with his head or breathe a stream of anemo energy across your fighting area. The quick strike is definitely the hardest attack to dodge, but you can dash out of the way if you see it coming. As for the breathing attack, simply move to the edge of the platform that his attack finishes on and wail away at his claws as it creeps toward you, then move out of the way.

The final two attacks require a bit more movement, but aren't too complicated. Occasionally, Stormterror will launch anemo fireballs at you from afar that you can just run around to dodge. The other attack permanently damages platforms with anemo energy that you must escape from as quickly as possible to avoid a ton of constant damage. To do this, head to the back corner of the platform you're on and use the wind gust to glide over to a safe platform.

Your attacks

Even if you bring a ranged character, your window to attack Stormterror at any given time is somewhat limited to whenever he perches on a platform. These are the narrowest windows you have to attack, so it's probably best to use whatever burst damage you can unleash during these periods. It's also important to note that these attacks won't deal damage to Stormterror's health, but rather will chip away at a shield he has that will trigger an opportunity to attack his health once depleted.

When you break Stormterror's shield, this will trigger an animation where he collapses onto your platform, allowing you to score a bunch of free hits. This is the time where you want to unleash your DPS adventurer and have them dump as much damage onto Stormterror as possible. With any luck, you'll only have to break Stormterror's shield a couple times before he is felled.

Other tips

Aside from attacks, it's useful to bring a healer to this fight just in case Stormterror hits you a few too many times. That said, don't focus too much on sustain that you can't win within a few minutes. Stormterror's fight isn't timed, but you can reach a point where every platform gets damaged with anemo energy, which is a near impossible situation to come out of alive. Make sure you have enough damage dealers on board to make the fight as short as possible.

The last important thing worth noting is that Stormterror's weak point is on the back of his neck, which you can reach by climbing on him. When I first cleared this fight, I had no clue you could do this, as I just shot arrows at him with Venti. If you aren't invested in any ranged characters, fear not, you can climb up on the dragon's neck and hit him while he's down just fine.

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