Moco is one of the most used characters in Free Fire and now the character will receive her own in-game event. The event, Moco: Rebirth, will be dropped into the game on September 10th.

The event will unveil Moco's awakened avatar. Obviously, this awakening will be accompanied by some exciting rewards and exclusive items in the shop. The event will also see Moco meeting up with an old friend who then guides her to her awakened version.

Moco: Rebirth event will flaunt the Coder’s Crib interface, which is inspired by the character. Players will be able to grab some daily login rewards and complete numerous tasks. The Moco currency gathered during the event can be traded for some exclusive items.

Meanwhile, the pet Falco will get a Cyber skin during the event. Players can expect some Moco-inspired outfits. and a new pet.

Moco’s unique ability ‘Hacker’s Eye’ enables her to tag enemies that have been shot. These details are then shared with her team. This ability makes her almost irreplaceable in a squad.

Garena will reveal more details on the event later on in the month. On September 17th, Garena will release an animated video on the Free Fire North America YouTube channel.

After Kelly, Hayato, and Andrew, Moco will be the fourth character to have an awakened version. As of now, there’s a puzzle event taking place in Free Fire. The Free Fire Puzzle Event will run from September 6th to 12th. Here, players have to complete various tasks to earn special rewards.

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