Cosmetics are one of the many reasons why Fortnite continues to be a favourite with FPS fanatics. And Epic Games leaves no stone unturned when it comes to loading the game with new and unique character skins and outfits frequently.

Over the years, Fortnite has collaborated with movies, famous characters, and brands to bring a new vibe to the game. This time, players will be able to wear the Cool Grey Sneakers by Air Jordan.

The collaboration comes just in time for the 20th anniversary of the popular sneaker pair. The Nike’s line, Air Jordan, will be releasing Cool Grey Sneakers for the third time ever since the pair’s original launch in 2001.

Back then, Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey sneakers became so popular that they had to be released a second time in 2010.

Celebrating Sneakers with Cool New Outfits

Fortnite hasn’t stopped at shoes. It has added some cool gear to complement the sneakers. Your avatars can be dressed in the new ‘Hangtime’ and ‘Swish’ outfits. Both the athleisure outfits are greyish and go well with the shoes. You also get two other colour variants.

Along with the outfit and shoes, players can get themselves a paint spray, emotes, and back bling to be fully decked out. Of course, you can buy the outfit (in cool grey) and the shoes in the Cool Grey bundle.

The two colour variants (powder blue and glaze-y silver) and paint spray can be unlocked through Jumpman Zone. You have to get into the six portals, go on a scavenger hunt, and complete some quests to get the goodies.

Looks like Fortnite and Nike seem to have a lucrative partnership. This is their second collaboration since 2019. If everything goes well with the new Air Jordan collection, we might see another collaboration in the future.

Watch the Fortnite x Air Jordan teaser here on YouTube.

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