How to maximise your distance in Faily Brakes

Posted by Gordon Siu on March 10th, 2016
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Faily brakes starts off with a rather mundane journey along a mountain road. Well, that is until your car brakes suddenly stop working, and you find yourself barrelling off the side down a never-ending slope.

We here at 148Apps, will be happy to comfort you with some tips to help you dodge as many obstacles as you can before disaster inevitably strikes, and sends you flying to your demise.

Adjust your view

The very first thing you should do is to familiarise yourself with either portrait or landscape mode. Though it's not explicitly stated in the game, these two viewpoints feel vastly different and you’ll inherently find yourself performing better in one or the other.

We recommend portrait mode for beginners, as it feels noticeably slower. That could just be a side effect of having the camera so close to your car though.

More importantly for users of older devices, the game also seems to run slightly better in portrait mode, resulting in smoother gameplay.

Gently does it

One good habit to adhere to is to steer the car gently using slight taps as opposed to long button presses.

This is also because driving off-road results in a tendency to slide, which requires large steering corrections to keep your car straight and avoid obstacles.

Watch for pitfalls

There are countless objects that will result in your peril, so you should try to be keeping an eye on further obstructions in the distance and plan your route ahead.

Your nemesis, surprisingly, usually aren’t the trees, but the bumps littered everywhere on the ground. Once you hit these, you will be momentarily airborne which will prevent you from steering, and is usually the main cause of exasperation for most.

Either try to avoid or aim to hit these at an angle that will allow for a stable landing.

New Cars

After collecting one hundred coins, you are free to buy a random new car. Not only will you look more stylish while speeding to your doom, you'll also have a slight variation in terms of grip.

While you should test this for yourselves, one thing I can recommend for certain is to replace your tail-happy starter jeep straight away - you won’t regret it.

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