Apex Legends Mobile was released just over a month ago, with its inaugural season, Prime Time. And now, Respawn is ready for the next season.

Quite recently, Respawn Entertainment released the official patch notes for Apex Legends Mobile's second season. Now the previous story has come to an end, it's time to start a new one, as Apex Legends' second season, Cold Snap, is now online. The wildly popular battle royale got off to a flying start, and the developers say it's only the beginning.

Cold Snap Unveils New Character, Mode, and Battle Pass

Loba, a new character, is introduced in the first episode of Cold Snap. To say her childhood was difficult would be an understatement, as she witnessed her parents being murdered by a Revenant.

Fate finally led her to a top-secret facility where she obtained the Jump Drive technology, which allows her to access almost anything she desires. Loba then joined the pinnacle games in search of money and vengeance.

You can check out the gameplay trailer here on YouTube.

Loba's passive ability allows her to view Epic and Legendary items even through walls, and her Tactical grants her teleportation power. Finally, her Ultimate Ability allows her to set up a mobile shop for loot on the ground. She'll be available at Battle Pass level 25.

Moving on, there's now a new limited-time mode called Armed and Dangerous, which only allows the use of shotguns and snipers. At World's Edge, the Climatizer has also been unveiled. It will turn on and off at random, causing snow to fall. The avalanche will bring loot boxes, diamonds, snow grenades, and more.

Players that acquired the battle pass before the start of Cold Snap will receive an additional 50 Syndicate Gold and a Syndicate Pack, just like they do every season. Another 800 will be awarded if you finish this season's pass. Aside from that, there is a slew of bug fixes and enhancements to the overall gaming experience.

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