George Orwell's classic novella Animal Farm is set to receive a video game adaptation from developers Nerial and The Dairymen. It's being written by Failbetter Games Creative Director Emily Short.

Nerial is of course the team behind the Reigns series, and Animal Farm will seemingly offer a similar style of decision-based adventuring. The basic idea is that you can decide which of the animals to follow and ultimately influence key events on the farm.

You'll be required to devise different strategies and balance out resources to keep morale up. It certainly doesn't sound like a straightforward adaptation by any means, which has me intrigued.

Animal Farm will feature narration from Abubakar Salim who you'll most likely know as Bayek in Assassin's Creed: Origins. Salim's performance was directed by Kate Saxon, who has previously worked on games ranging from Alien: Isolation to The Witcher 2 & 3.

Truly, Animal Farm is being put together by an all-star team of developers, and I can't wait to see how exactly their adaptation plays. The game is currently expected to launch this autumn for mobile and PC.

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